Post-40 Bloggers Round-up: If you read only one post – The day I lost my son to suicide

Post40 bloggers round-upParents held their children a little closer after we published David’s post on dealing day-to-day with the death by suicide of his young son Peyton James. (‘When every red headed nerdy kid reminds you of your dead son.’)

Earlier this month, we then published mum Jacki’s recollection of the day Peyton died.

On October 8, after an incident at his school the day before, Peyton and his mom came home from school. Peyton went into his room, as typical of teenage boys. His mom thought he just needed some time alone. After about 20 minutes, she went to check on him and found him. He had hung himself from the ceiling fan. There was no warning and no note.

Please be warned, this is an important but difficult read and, as such, is the post I am recommending you don’t miss this month – The day I lost my son Peyton to suicide.

Jacki, Peyton’s mum, has  20+ years’ experience as a teacher and 13 years’ experience as a mom. She can now add motivational speaker to her resume.  Since its creation in the fall of 2014, she’s brought the Kindness Matters message to over 13,000 students! She has the insight to help kids see how powerful their words are and how they can change someone’s life with just a simple act of kindness. No one admits to being a bully, but everyone recognises that they can be nicer to the person next to them.

Kindness Matters is not just another “anti-bullying” campaign. Instead, it’s a PRO-KINDNESS message that shows young people the power of their words and the power of KINDNESS! Jacki would love to come to your school to help your kids see how KINDNESS MATTERS!

Online, Jacki can be found:




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