Positively Inspirational Round-up: Escaping, moonwalking & random acts of kindness!

Hi everyone how are you? I hope by the time this post goes out the weather will have warmed up bit.  I’m writing this on the first day of spring and it is COLD in Somerset and this is not what I have been hoping for.  We’re going on a family holiday abroad in a few weeks and I’m so excited, and hoping for some sun!

I’m packing sparkly flip-flops and a book.  I know I probably won’t get to read it all the way through, and I still enjoy reading in the sun even if I only get a couple of pages in, especially if there’s a cold drink in my hand!

I’m also a bit daunted about packing 4 of us up, normal life is busy as it is and there’s a strong possibility I’ll forget something (pregnancy brain is REAL y’all) but it’s only for a week so if we forget something it won’t be the end of the world.  I’m also told Spain do have shops.  We’re hiring a car for the first time which is totally out of our comfort zone!  It will be exciting to get out and have some adventures, exploring new colourful places and eating delicious Spanish tapas.

Sometimes we don’t need to physically escape to be inspired, I mentally escape sometimes, into a book, a film or doing something creative or inspiring.  I find myself so inspired by other people and their creativity don’t you?

Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things learnt 5 Life Lessons from La La Land when she took a trip to the cinema.  I love how Lucy has used the bold colour to add positivity to her everyday, personally I think a bold colour does a lot to lift me and I say YES to ditching perfectionism wherever I can so this post really resonated.  I’ve not seen La La Land yet but I’ve heard such great things about it, I can’t wait to see it now I’ve read Lucy’s post!

Moving on from that, Emma learnt some life lessons in What Training for the Moonwalk Marathon Has Taught Me About Humanity, after losing two people in her life to cancer she felt spurred to action and is training for what is basically a marathon!  I’m in awe of her determination and the training regime which is tough going.  I lift my cap to Emma and her friend Lisa who are doing the challenge together.  

Emma has experienced kindness all around her during her training journey with people showing support and cheering them on.  My husband, Jon, is doing the Screwball Rally around Europe in September with his mate Tom and I hope with the fundraising part we find the same as Emma, generosity and kindness and support all around us. 

Talking about kindness, Cass has made a list of 25 thrifty ideas for Random Acts of Kindness that won’t cost you a penny! Kindness is something we can all do easily without spending any money at all and Cass has captured the essence of kindness in her wonderful post. 

I loved having a read around Raising Revolutionaries blog written by Sophie, self confessed teacher, mother, writer and dreamer.  

Sophie writes about ways in which we can impact our world in the face of the climate we find ourselves today.  Her post about things we can do may stir something in you and I think that’s a great thing. It can be hard to know which way to turn and easy to feel hopeless and like our world is falling apart, especially post Brexit and with the refugee crisis and everything else going on in London recently.  What can we do to positively make our voices heard and show our children that we can make a change?  

A heartfelt post from Amy had me welling up with her journey with infertility and IVF.  I can imagine the narrative giving a virtual hug to all of those going through the same, right now.  The photograph at the end of Amy holding Rose just got me, they say a picture says a thousand words and this capture tells a story on so many beautiful levels.  

Next a celebration of success at the scales, as Lucy went from a size 20 to a size 12 which is absolutely incredible! What I really love about Lucy is her real love of delicious food and her relationship with it, making it and sharing it with us.  The story of her weight loss journey made it to the national papers which is fantastic and I’m sure will spur other people on to make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle.

It’s Mother’s Day coming up and I have such mixed feelings about the day if I’m being completely honest.  It definitely doesn’t feel like it should be about me as a mum.  Jon lost his mum to cancer 25 years ago so it does bring about some sadness for us.  

On the one hand I’m never one to turn down a pressie or a some flowers, but Mother’s Day doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ me as a mum to young children, it feels more like it’s for my own mum than for me. Maybe it’s time I embraced it and allow the flowers and cards to come, maybe it’s not about me at all, maybe it’s time I embraced the kids showing me what they think about me.  Their thoughts are valid and valuable, do I need to trust them more when they say I’m a good mum?  I also want to show my mum what she means to me.  What do you think about Mother’s Day, do you love it or does it bring some sadness for you too?

Also, I think about those mothers with empty arms, people like  Laura from Five Little Doves who wishes she knew then what she knows now about counting the kicks. Laura is bravely sharing her story in the hope of helping other, if that’s not positively inspirational I don’t know what is.

I wonder how these mum’s feel on Mother’s Day, I think about the people who don’t have a mum.   Whatever comes to me on Sunday I’ll embrace the love, give that love back and a squishy kiss on each cheek will be nice, it will be more than enough.

For those mama’s feeling a little weary Michelle’s post Letter to all Mums from God is a lovely reminder that God is always present and cares for us.  I love how Mich always takes the time to offer words of encouragement and shares her heart openly.

Finally, I really loved this post from Toby & Roo.  Harriet hits the nail on the head with her post about self-doubt needing to be banished.  “At the moment I seem to be consumed with self doubt, the better my work life seems to be, the more I worry that I’m not up to it or that I’m not doing enough for the kids”.  

I think this is a feeling most parent bloggers can relate to, we want to be successful, but it always seems to be at the sacrifice of something else! That’s parenthood and I love how we (parent bloggers) know each others woes and understand them, we need to banish the self doubt, we are doing a good job and the balancing act is real!  

That’s a wrap folks, I know you’ll agree there are some awesome posts and bloggers there to keep you going! Do give them a follow and comment on their blog posts if you can.

Next month’s Positively Inspiration Round-up will be hosted by Michelle and I’ll see you again in June. Until then, be kind to yourselves and each other.

Lizzie xo

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