Fujifilm X-A3: A camera for budding photographers #sponsored

alison perry pic of Fujifilm X-a3 camera

A camera whose portrait looks as good as the pictures it takes. Pic by Not Another Mummy Blog


Do you like your pictures but just wish they were a little…better? We know how you feel.

Whether it’s better pictures for the blog, for photo albums or just to capture the everyday moments of life, we want images that pop and a camera that helps us do that easily. That’s why BritMums and a select group of bloggers tried out the Fujifilm X-A3, a mirrorless compact digital camera that promises great results. It was a paid project with Fujifilm; all opinions are the bloggers’ own.

The X-A3 — available in pink, brown or silver — is available exclusively in Jessops, where you can trade in an old camera, get free delivery or arrange financing. (Watch a video about the X-A3 and see more of its features on the Jessops site.) 

Read on for what our panel of bloggers thought about it.

The camera phone problem

So many of us often rely on our smartphone cameras because at least they fit in our pocket or handbag and we often don’t have the time (or inclination) to fiddle with or lug around a full DSLR kit.

But there comes a time when your camera phone – no matter how “smart” it may be – no longer cuts it, especially when trying to convey the majesty of a landscape, to pinpoint a moment in an action-packed scene or to capture family portraits or travels to print and keep for years to come.

With its X-A3, Fujifilm has created the perfect compromise. The camera has many of the features of a DSLR but is also light and easy to use. “It’s the ideal next step if, like me, you want to take better photos but don’t have the time/technical know-how to use a DSLR properly,” says Alison from notanothermummyblog.com.

The X-a3 by Maria Belfort

Picture: One Tiny Leap

Things we like about the X-A3

First, “it looks fab. I know, shallow, but the vintagey look appeals to me,” writes Cathy of MummyTravels.com. “And unlike my DSLR, I can hold this with one hand and it’s much easier to pop into a bag for a day out.”

Second, it’s really easy to use, from the auto mode which determines the right light, focus and depth of field to an interactive touchscreen. As Charly of POD explains: “I love the touchscreen. You just touch the screen once to get your focal point and the X-A3 releases the shutter. …You can zoom by ‘pinching’ the screen with two fingers or double tapping.” Susanna of A Modern Mother wow’ed us with food pictures, taken indoors at night but still looking mouthwatering. “I am definitely going to bring this camera with me on my travels. The quality of the food pics in low light is worth it alone.” Take a look at her post picture of asparagus in butter (yum).

picture of asparagus from A Modern Mother

There’s also video with one button shooting, meaning you won’t miss the moments while looking through your DSLR menu for video options.

Third, the X-A3 is powerful enough to step up your control of your photos, says onetinyleap.com’s Maria. It “lets you shoot in Raw mode, which gives you a lot more flexibility to fix any light balances, image contrast, etc either in-camera, or later on using photography software.”

Fourth, its ability to “play” with an image is essential to many bloggers who want to make their pages look individual and eye-catching. “I love the flexibility of the filters and effects,” says Jen of Jenography. “There are loads of them – I’ve heard them described as “Instagram on steroids” and the moniker fits.” From single colour pops to sepia to double-exposures, you’ve got a lot to play with. Check out Charly’s beach hut with a monochrome+red filter — wow!

monochrome filter with X-A3

A pop of red on the beach. Picture: Pod


Cliveden taken with X-a3 by Mummytravels

Cliveden with a saturated sky. Picture: Mummytravels

Did we mention the wifi? The camera also connects with your phone via wifi, so you can easily share your images via social media. Plus there are loads more features to play with. Or not. When you want to dial it back and keep it simple, the camera suits that mood as well, while still providing stellar results.

And the X-A3 / camera phone comparison?

See for yourself. Susanna shares two versions of the same shots on her blog, one taken with her smartphone, the other with the X-A3. The difference in brightness and lightness is remarkable, with no additional editing needed.

A camera that goes everywhere

And because the camera is so light, it really does go anywhere you do, with family, for travel or out and about. Our testers toted it to Cliveden but also the beach at West Wittering, to California (capturing wildflowers), to Berlin (on a romantic weekend) and to Madrid (on a girls’ weekend)

One Tiny Leap portrait with X-A3

Portraits capture beautiful skin tones. Picture: One Tiny Leap


Selfie on X-A3

A flip-up screen makes selfies easy. Picture: Not Another Mummy Blog


closeup spring rolls by Jenography

The camera automatically chooses the macro lens for closeups. Picture: Jenography

Homepage image: Not Another Mummy Blog 


What features of the X-A3 appeal to you as a photographer? Tell us in the comments!

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