Allergies Round-up: Living with allergies & surviving celebrations

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Welcome back to my Allergies Round-up! I’m back for another month, featuring some of my brilliant fellow BritMums bloggers who have been writing about all kinds of allergies.

This time of year is a lovely one for most people. The days start to get longer, the sun starts to shine brighter and the summer is edging closer. But for those living with allergies, this time of year comes with a whole new list of problems and challenges. I wrote last year about saying goodbye to Summer, and how hard it had been for my little boy who is dairy free. How hard any kind of holiday, celebration or new season can be when you have allergies to consider. So this month I want to feature some great posts helping others to survive all kinds of events, milestones and holidays.

With Easter just around the corner I’ve written a Survival Guide for being dairy and soya free over the Easter holidays. Including allergy friendly treats and non food options for both children and adults, this should really help anyone feeling like they may have to miss out on chocolate this year.

Starting school is a milestone that most parents probably have mixed feelings about, but this is made even more stressful if your child suffers from any type of intolerance or allergy. Will the school be able to handle it? Will the other children understand that your child is a little bit different? Nathalie from The Intolerant Gourmand has a great post about the realities her son faced once he started school with multiple severe food allergies

Flowers are often a go to present for many different occasions, but what if the recipient is allergic? Rachel Bustin has a great post listing the best flowers to gift allergy sufferers and offers some great alternatives to your traditional bunch of roses. 

This really honest and touching post from Le Coin De Mel about discovering her youngest’s allergies really shows how stressful something like weaning can be when you start to encounter food allergies. Definitely something I, and many other allergy parents can relate to.

Sometimes every day things become a little more challenging thanks to a curve ball thrown by your child’s allergies. Even a trip to the dentist can remind you that things are never easy, as this post from The Peachicks Bakery shows.

So there’s a little insight into how events, holidays and milestones can be so much trickier when you have allergies to consider, but thankfully so many bloggers are now able to share their tips and experiences and help those in similar situations. If you have a post you’d like to be considered for the next round-up please email it to me at See you next time!


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