Single Parent Round-up: Worries, lessons & time saving hacks

Single parent round-up

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For the first few months since I took over the Single Parent Round-up, I have had a theme such as Christmas as a Single Parent and Divorce but for March, I wanted to feature writers that have written about the day-to-day life as a single parent or who may not have written about being a single parent recently at all, as after all, we are not defined by the type of parent that we are.

I recently wrote about the worries I have as a parent on my blog, Hannah Spannah. Yes, some things worry me more as a single mum but the things that are keeping me awake at night at the moment, would be the same either way. That’s the thing about being a parent – you worry, no matter your situation. Even those who feel they have everything just so, still worry about some part of parenting.

Bek from Dilly Drops addresses something that I often think about – social media and our obsession with it – in Lessons Learned By Taking A Break From Social Media. Whether you are a single parent or not, I am sure you have thought about this at some point and if you are a blogger, it is particularly hard as so much of your work is related to and intermixed with social media. Just thinking about the length of break that she took makes me slightly panic. I think I have a series case of FOMO.

Chloe, who writes at Adventures Of An Allergy Mummy, has only been a single parent for 5 months yet she has already organised her life and routines to make her everyday life the easiest it can be. She shares her Time Saving Hacks with us and I couldn’t help but nod along with all of them. 

I loved reading this next post ‘Where are you from?’ by Natalie from Hello Cuppies. Her blog started out, based around her love of cake (mmmmn cake) but has developed to include parenting and lifestyle topics. She just so happens to be a single mum and reminisces in this post, about her childhood in York, being raised by a strong, single mother.

Finally, on her blog, Everything Mummy, Amy shares her feelings on a subject that makes me shudder ‘Dating Again?’. Maybe I am just lazy but as she points out, dating now-a-days is so different to how it was when we were younger and I can’t help but agree. She met the father of her girls when she was 16 though and so if she has the guts to do it, then maybe I should too? I’ll keep thinking about that one…..

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About Hannah Spannah

Hannah is a (now) happily single parent to her young son, Bear. They have a little cottage in semi rural North Yorkshire and share it with a demanding yellow Labrador, a cat, 2 guinea pigs and 3 fish. She began writing when her health took a turn for the worse and Hannah writes about parenting and most aspects of life. She faces many a co-parenting challenge but hopes that her blog, shows a positive view of life as a disabled single mum. Cake is her food of choice and she spends most of winter covered in mud thanks to the dog and child.

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