Poetry & Prose Round-up: March blooms

March is here at last! We can finally shake off the frosty dark nights and welcome in springtime.  What better way for me to welcome in the warmer times than with my first poetry and prose round-up post!?  I am stepping into the shoes of the lovely Maddy at Writing Bubble as she embarks on new adventures. She explains more with her latest post Onwards.  I know that hers are some incredibly talented shoes to try and fill and she will be very much missed. That being said I am honoured to give it my very best shot! Many thanks to Maddy, and also to my brilliant partner in crime, co-editor Victoria of Verily Victoria Vocalises, for all of their support so far.  

So where to start?  I always think that March is a fitting time to welcome in the new.  I hope that your new year has started well and maybe some of those resolutions are still holding strong? We have had a ‘busy’ start to the year with two cases of chicken pox and a side of potty training.  We also have a house move happening around us at a startling rate of knots.  All of which have had a bit of a detrimental affect on my good intentions where my cake habit is concerned!  There is something to enjoy in turning the calendar page from the cold, dark, days and nights of January though.  Cara L Mckee captures the stark beauty of which so perfectly in her poem – Writing up a storm.  Mum Turned Mom also shared her stunning piece which she wrote for The Prompt: Snow.

February has a definite heart-shaped feel to it. (As opposed to January which has more of a broccoli soup kind of feel to it.) The blogging world was filled with fantastic pieces about love in its various forms.  Alison at The Mad House Mum shared That Moment which gripped and moved me from the very first paragraph.  Bridget at Bridie By The Sea gave us I Remember, her first beautiful poem, dedicated to her other half.  Our own  co-editor: Victoria, celebrated a special anniversary with her beautiful post 6 Years Have Passed.  

Many of us have noticed a distinct shake up in the Valentine’s department since the arrival of tiny humans.  Nicole at Tales From Mamaville made me giggle with her parody Love Is In The Air (Or Is It?)  Lisa’s Life shared her Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: Inner Conflict, filled with both caution and hope for the the future.  Gary – The Life Of A Stay At Home Dad Of Two was inspired to write his first piece of poetry in years, as he dedicated this Valentine’s Poem to his wife.

Some of the pieces that I have read this month have gripped me and literally moved me to tears.  Kate On Thin Ice wrote her moving and thought-provoking Heartache Poem – In Your Pocket.  Jo’s Writing Space spoke of a very different Valentine’s experience with her Phoney Valentine.  Lycrawidow shared with us her raw and heartbreaking poem after having so sadly lost her father.  I was also touched by the beautifully honest A Letter To My Family At This Super Difficult Time by Mummy Tries.

Love was at the centre of so many of February’s posts, and it was fascinating to learn about Limerence, and Are You Addicted To Love by Marija Smits.  Carol at Virtually All Sorts wrote Love is About This For Me… What Do You Think Love Is?  It reminded me that there is more to it all than hearts and flowers. (Although I do quite like those things too!)  

Valentine’s Day for me is not be quite the same as it was before I became a parent.  However the lack of chocolates and roses is more than made up for by seeing our children grow. This was captured perfectly by Words, Rhymes, Rambles with Becoming You, Wonderful You.  Although it wouldn’t be right to talk about the magical side of parenthood without also having a chuckle at some of the shenanigans that the small people get up to.  Turning Up In Devon has another hilarious tale to tell with her Village Survival.  For Sale or To(i)Let.  We have also visited a number of properties this last few weeks with a potty training 2 year old.  I needed this post in my life and it truly delivered all of the giggles!

Speaking of which, I came across a brilliant post by Slouching Towards Thatcham earlier this month.  Tim has just celebrated his tenth blogging anniversary and marked the occasion with A Parent Blogging Parody: If The Pet Shop Boys Had Written A Song About Blogging.  Those of us that chortled whilst nodding along will also relate to Blogging Is Like Sailing On The Ocean.  This post was written by Annette at 3 Little Buttons, and for me, reading it feels like a virtual hug.  Which brings me to sign off for this month, with the sound of the Pet Shop Boys still happily playing in our minds.   The lovely Victoria will be back with her round-up for April so please look out for her post. 

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About Dawn White

Dawn is the often bewildered mum of two very busy children. The Girl is 4 and The Boy is 2. She lives in Yorkshire with her hubby who is fondly known as “Daddy Pig”, as he is of course “rather an expert at everything”. She writes, mostly in rhyme, about the general silliness & hilarity of family life, with the odd soppy moment thrown in just for the feels. Her blog is Rhyming with Wine: "Because whine rhymes with wine, in much the same way as tantrum rhymes with vodka and generally most things rhyme with cake!" Find her on twitter & Instagram @rhymingwithwine.

2 Responses to Poetry & Prose Round-up: March blooms

  1. Maddy@writingbubble 07 March 2017 at 09:44 #

    A great first post, Dawn, with so many wonderful creative pieces! Though I miss the co-editor role a bit, I know it is in very safe hands xx

  2. Annette, 3 Little Buttons 17 March 2017 at 15:12 #

    Congratulations on your first round-up Dawn and thank you for including us! xx