Positively Inspirational Round-up: Do more good & dump the pressure!

Hi folks, how are we today? I hope you are really good and ready for all the brilliant spring weather that is just around the corner. The flowers are starting to bloom, lambs have already been spotted bouncing across fields and of course the clocks go forward an hour and give us that extra bit of daylight back!

I often used to theme my Positively Inspirational round-ups but to be honest I’ve found that my favourite ones are the eclectic ones where there is a little bit of everything; all types of inspiration and of course always in a positive vein. So that’s what you’ve got this month – I hope you approve?

Do more good in the world

You know when you read a post that speaks directly to your heart, well this beautiful one from Lauren at Dilan and me did just that. Lauren is a massive advocate of kindness and has written much on the subject so if this is something you want to explore then definitely have a read around her blog and here’s an excerpt from her recent post about being kind to yourself to whet your appetite –

But there’s one act of kindness that seems to be harder than all of the others, and that’s being kind to yourself. For some reason this type of kindness is a little taboo – it feels self-indulgent and a little big-headed to spend any time focusing on our positive attributes. Maybe though, if we spent a little less time analysing our darkest flaws and a little more time reminding ourselves of all the things we love about being us – we’d be in a much happier place. Maybe that’s the difference between self loathe and self-love. Maybe that’s how we find ourselves again.

I’ve been sharing my experience of volunteering over on the World Moms Blog and asking if you might enjoy it too. Never would I have dreamed that I’d spend the bulk of my time working for free but it is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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Getting Organised

Naomi at Life by Naomi launched the Organised Life project back in January and it is proving to be a roaring success with a thriving Facebook community and many people finding their daily lives taking a turn for the better as they turf out their clutter and discover a routine that works for them. You are welcome to join in any time and you’ll find all the great resources on Naomi’s blog. I’m a bit in awe that she has it so sorted!

Get Listening

TED Talks are great, have you ever listened to any? No, well you should. They range from about 15 to 60 minutes and are delivered by someone who is considered an expert in their field. There is a two (or twenty) on every topic you can think of and Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family has written a great round-up of her favourite money and consumerism TED talks.

I don’t think I can mention TED Talks without pointing you over to a couple of my favourites too. There is Karen Walrond (who I visited Ethiopia with) speaking on connection and resonance and the enigma that is Brene Brown speaking on Vulnerability and shame.

Just Do It

I’m loving the advice from Jo at Slummy Single Mummy not to over think our decisions. Of course some need thought, decision and investigation but many things are so inconsequential in the scheme of things that we can waste our day worrying about them. So next time I have a decision to make I’m going to remember Jo’s post and just go with it as realistically probably taking either option won’t ruin my life!

Oh and if you really are in a quandary and it all feels too much then have a peek at a post I’ve recently written with 8 positive things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Dump the Pressure

I’ll leave you with a post from Siobhan at Everyone Else is Normal that she wrote for Children’s Mental health week in February. Sadly it is becoming common to know a teen who is suffering with the pressures of life and feeling as if it is all too much, it can only be a good thing for the spotlight to be shone upon this area in the hope that the NHS will be able to take notice and more resources can be made available to help our most precious resource – our children.

So there we go or as Looney Tunes used to say ‘that’s all folks’. The Positively Inspirational round-up will be back again on Saturday 1st April with the lovely Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset. Oh and on the subject of Lizzie, have you checked out her Monday linky, called Share the Joy? It is a really nice feel good linky where you can add any posts that make you smile or are joyful.

Have a great month and I’ll see you again in May. Be blessed, Mich x

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