Give a meal to the hungry today with a simple Instagram photo

Give a meal to the hungry today with a simple black and white Instagram shot of your plate. Helen Neale who writes the Kiddycharts website shares information on the amazing work by The Trussell Trust and how you can help. Over to Helen…

Sometimes you watch something that really changes your life.

The stark reality of this short film is shocking. A food parcel really can change a family’s life. It was this video that made me want to help The Trussell Trust raise more money for their UK food banks. Thanks to their partnership with Knorr on their Flavour For All food aid project, you can help too.

It is as simple as snapping a black & white picture on Instagram of your food, following @KnorrUK and using the #FlavourForAll hashtag.

Everytime you do this, Knorr will donate the value of a meal to The Trussell Trust and its foodbank scheme, so that this kind of thing happens less. It won’t stop completely, but we can make a difference. So please, do it now; it will take just five minutes to feed someone who needs it.

Donate Your Plate today.

It is all too easy to take what we have for granted; from the high heeled shoes we wear to work, to the packed lunches we give our kids for school, and the cereal we shouted at them to finish quickly before we tore out the door to get to the playground in time.

Clothes. Food. Shelter.

These are all basic needs, that your child must have to survive, but unbelievably are not always available to everyone, even in this country.

You would be surprised to learn that there are very possibly kids in your child’s school that have experienced food insecurity.

Until I started volunteering with The Trussell Trust, I didn’t even know what that meant. Experiencing food insecurity is how they describe those that cannot regularly eat a meal, or afford to put food on the table every day.

Imagine the fear of not being able to feed your children properly.

Go on. Just for a moment.

It was the realisation that there are 3 million people here in the UK that are malnourished inspired me to help The Trussell Trust with the Knorr UK #FlavourForAll campaign. Knorr are acutely aware of how flavour can have a wonderfully positive effect on health. There are, in fact, many studies showing a proven link between a lack of flavour in diet negatively affecting both energy levels and mental positivity.

The innovative Donate Your Plate social media campaign brings the flavour back into people’s lives; with Knorr injecting flavour, by adding colour, into your black and white Instagram pictures symbolising the impact that flavour has on your food.

The more black and white pictures shared, means more flavour in people’s lives, through the meal donations.

So don’t be part of the one third of millennials that don’t think that food poverty is an issue, or someone that just goes on with their life, oblivious to the fact that the child that sits next to theirs in class could be hungry.

Hunger doesn’t just happen elsewhere. It is happening here; now. I took the decision to help The Trussell Trust promote this campaign, as well as advise on it for free, so they could help feed more people at their food banks.

Why don’t you help too?

To Donate YOUR Plate:
Take a picture of your meal on your plate on Instagram,
Apply a black and white filter,
Follow @KnorrUK,
Add the #FlavourForAll hashtag,
Post your photo to your Instagram feed, and
Your work is done! You have now triggered a donation from Knorr to The Trussell Trust

Please spread the word on social media to your friends as well! Every photograph makes a difference.

More information on the campaign is available on the Knorr Flavour For All website (including full terms and conditions), and Instagram submissions will be accepted until 27th March. The Trussell Trust are aiming to reach over £15,000 in donations from this campaign, so come on – lets show them the power of the parenting blog community and donate as many meals as we can.

1 photo= the value of 1 meal donated to The Trussell Trust, ends 27.03.17. For full terms and conditions please visit:

Helen Neale edits and writes the KiddyCharts parenting site; which offers photo personalised charts for the kids, as well as loads of other free printable resources; from potty training, to colouring and even a worry tree – she has you covered! She is helping Trussell Trust with this particular social campaign, as part of a wider effort to do more for community and charity with the social skills she has learnt over the last 5 years. She has two kids, and KiddyCharts and her social media consultancy career have helped her to stay at home and be there for them more than she could when she was a business analyst. She can regularly be found hanging out on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, while desperately trying to avoid the Lego her kids have strewn all over the floor.

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One Response to Give a meal to the hungry today with a simple Instagram photo

  1. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill 20 March 2017 at 09:56 #

    This is such an easy thing to do to trigger a donation to this worthy cause. I have donated my plate with this Instagram share:
    I hope people reading this – the bloggers and social influencers who are Instagramming daily will take a moment and share their plate too.
    Well done for raising this awareness Helen!