Under 30 Parents Round-up: Love is in the air… ish…

Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single, hitched, or are Cupid incarnate, there’s no denying that everyone’s minds seem to turn to the topic of lurve come February. 

But it’s safe to say that relationships are no walk in the park after the pitter patter of tiny feet… 

About the only similar thread between the posts I read this month was that we all met the father or mother to child(ren) relatively early on in life. But after that, the U30s community have, once again, proved a diverse bunch! I’ve read posts this month including everyone from Tinderella to high school sweethearts to ten years a slaves (I jest!!). 

It’s funny how having a baby makes everyone nostalgic. When I found out I was expecting, my own parents recounted their pee-on-a-stick day 24 years prior and with every baby milestone since, out come the baby photos from 1989/90/91… to reminisce about how I was ‘same, same but different’. 

But they’re not the only ones getting all mushy. 

It seems that after having bambino, Mummy and Daddy do their fair share of reminiscing too (and not just about how much fainter the bags under their eyes were!). 

Amy (My Mummy Spam) was looking back on the last four years of marriage to her best friend. 

While Abi (Something About Baby) looked back over the last ten years with her husband. (And I’m very pleased to say, she even included photos from the past ten years – there’s some super serious noughts vibes in this post!) But what was really lovely was seeing Abi and Craig quite literally grow up together from 2006 to 2016.) And in Abi’s own words… 

“It’s worth a look for a laugh at the photos and seeing how quickly my husband lost his hair ha!”

Meanwhile, Lizzie (First Tooth) shared her Sliding Doors pre-Tinder-when-people-still-met-in-bars style ‘how we met’ story

“Guy gets drunk and asks his friend to ask my friend for my number.”

Whereas Kat (Candyfloss & Dreams) talks openly about being a single mother in a refuge when she met her partner on Plenty of Fish four years ago. 

But it’s not all a bed of roses. 

Emma (Even Angels Fall) is currently planning her second wedding. But last month she wrote a very honest post about how she rushed into her first marriage (a Valentine’s Day wedding, funnily enough), despite her gut telling her it wasn’t right:

“The sad truth is, I knew I wasn’t happy before I even got married first time round, but something stopped me from being honest with my friends and my family. I was ashamed to admit I had made a mistake and I was terrified of being on my own.”

Her post is titled ‘The Ugly Truth Behind my First Fairytale’ – but despite Emma’s like ‘not going the way she planned,’ this is actually a lovely tale of strength. And one that finds a happy ending after all. 

Similarly, Kellie (My Little Babog Blog) writes about her co-parenting experience over the past few years and asks, ‘What do you say to a two-year-old when she asks you why you don’t love her daddy anymore?‘. I’m sure she’s not the only one in the U30s community who’s struggled with this one. 

Every relationship has ups and downs. And once you throw in sleepless nights and zero time for you anymore, it’s hardly surprising we all have bad days. My Other Half and I tried to combat this after our daughter turned one by instigating Date Night (Finding Our Feet). While having a specified date night every month was great in one way – we always knew there was at least one night in a month that was just about us – we actually found it really restrictive. 

But we’re not the only ones trying to rekindle that early days spark… I mean, as Harriet (Toby & Roo) writes, let’s get straight to the point shall we? Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Thank you to everyone who submitted posts this month. Whether you’re a veteran blogger or new to the scene, please send your posts through to Amie (@amiecaitlin) or Hannah (@hibabyblog) each month via Twitter and join in the conversation using the hashtag, #ParentsUnder30.

Alternatively, join the U30s Facebook Group to find out about each month’s Round-up topic ahead of time as well as general banter and tom-foolery. 

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  1. Lizzie (Firstooth) 13 February 2017 at 07:13 #

    Brill posts! I’ve read a couple already but can’t wait to read the rest once the kiddies are in bed. Loved Harriet’s post! Thanks for including our story too, not the most romantic 😉