Review: Bloggers lose weight with Forever Living’s C9 #Ad

C9 product by Helpful Mum

The C9 kit. Picture: Helpful Mum

Who wouldn’t like to lose some inches and feel more energetic, especially this time of year?

Four bloggers have been working with BritMums and Forever Living in a paid project to try the company’s C9 plan – a 9-day combination of Forever Living supplements and meal replacement shakes – to help shift a few bulges and give them more get-up-and-go in the bargain.

Getting starting

“I am not going to lie – the first day was awful!” admitted Kara of However, despite that bumpy start, Kara, like all the other bloggers, completed the programme and now she is more than half a stone lighter. More importantly perhaps, by sticking strictly to the diet programme and getting back into a routine of light exercise, she has reset her bad habits and is now using fruit and vegetables rather than chocolate when she feels peckish. She’s also working to get a little gym time into her schedule (easier said than done when you’re a mum of six!). Read Kara’s post now. 


Chelsea Mamma on the Forever Living plan

Kara shares her before-and-after pictures. Picture: Chelsea Mamma


Forever Living is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products in the world and its expertly-devised calorie-controlled diet and exercise programmes allow you to see real results in just 9 days. Forever Living business owners are also on hand to offer support and encouragement to help you succeed. 

Siân of also found she had to summon willpower: “I found the first three days incredibly hard… It definitely helped to remember why I was doing it, and to keep my goals in mind when I was struggling.” Like Kara, once Siân got over the initial hump – something she achieved by filling in the Forever Living eating and exercising diary – she began to notice the benefits. “On day six, I suddenly found I had more energy. I felt ready to try running… It felt so good to be exercising again and my head felt clear that day.” (You can see results with Siân’s and Kara’s before and after shots on their blogs.) Check out Siân’s post. 

How the C9 plan works

The plan allows participants to include a 600-calorie meal each evening after the first two days and Mari of even managed to sneak in the odd glass of wine into this allowance (Mari, we salute you!). Despite this indulgence (and grabbing a few of her husband’s chips), Mari was still able to see results. Here’s Mari’s full post, including more about the benefits of aloe vera. 


Mari's World on the C9 programme

Day 1 of the programme. Picture: Mari’s World


“In only 9 days, I have lost a few pounds and a few centimetres around my waist. Most importantly, it got me back into the habit of exercising and moving more, whether it is going for a walk during my lunch break or over the weekend,” she writes. “It also helped me to keep hydrated and include healthier snacks throughout the day.”

A programme where you don’t go hungry

Lilinha Angel tries the C9 programme

‘I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the shake.’ Picture: Lilinha’s Angel

Surprisingly, none of the bloggers complained of hunger despite the limited food intake during the plan. Lilinha of explains that “I wasn’t hungry as I followed the tips in the guide: drinking more water throughout the day and eating fruit and vegetables to help curb cravings.”

She says the programme reset her energy levels: “I feel that during the programme and after I felt more energised and I certainly got rid of that ‘permanently shattered feeling’ that I have been dragging around with me for months.” Read Lilinha’s full review

Banishing “that shattered feeling”? Losing inches around waist or thighs? Kick-starting a healthy routine? It sounds like the perfect way to get in the right frame of mind for the year. Where do we sign up?

BritMums and the bloggers worked with Forever Living in a paid relationship, showcasing the C9 Programme, and its ability to kick-start eating and fitness goals. Find out more here.

Have you tried Forever Energy’s C9 Plan? We’d love to hear your story.




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  1. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill 11 February 2017 at 11:58 #

    They all did so well with inch loss and how they felt afterwards- hats off to them!

  2. Evie Jones 13 April 2017 at 09:56 #

    I absolutely love using Forever Living products. I always feel so much better after using them. I mainly look at their newest products on their Faceook page.