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Post40 bloggers round-upDavid James’ post on losing his son Peyton to suicide is the post I am recommending to Post-40 Bloggers and BritMums’ readers this month.

Despite complaining to teachers and the Principal about his school bullying, nothing much changed for Peyton. His answer was to hang himself in his bedroom.

This is not an easy subject to contemplate, but contemplate it we must given our responsibility to our young people – whether we have children or not.

When younger, I saw first-hand what relentless negative attention can do to a young mind. A confident, smart and likeable girl I knew turned into a paranoid shadow of herself, doubting her ability to do anything well. The mental toll was devastating to watch. Back then, the teachers just left us to sort out our ‘playground squabbles.’

Today, we have named and shamed bullying for the destructive force it is. The resources to recognise and combat bullying are also readily available. A source of information in the United Kingdom is Bullying UK (@BullyingUK) who offer advice and resources to victims, parents, schools and others.

David’s post featured on Post-40 Bloggers, ‘When every red headed nerdy kid reminds you of your dead son,’ is David reflecting on how ‘every red head I see never fails to remind me of Peyton.’

Maybe its because I miss him so damn much. Maybe because he should be walking the halls of a high school right now. Maybe because whenever I see the trailer for the latest Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, or Harry Potter spinoff, I want to call him so he can watch it, call me back and discuss it.  Maybe it is because I will be heading to Austin this week for the state swim meet for the fifth straight year, and I will pass all of the landmarks that he used to point out every time we passed them. But whatever the reason is, it seems that all the red heads I see are all goofy, gangly, nerdy kids like Peyton. 

David’s words make for sad, but compelling and compulsory reading.

David honours the memory of Peyton collecting travel/hotel sized toiletries to donate to the Ronald McDonald House and other noble charities. He can be found online as follows:

Blog – Peyton’s Heart –

Twitter –

Facebook –


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As always, my best for a great writing month.


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