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It can often feel that no matter what stage of life you are at your finances are going to suffer. If you’re young and single then getting onto the property ladder is near impossible. Once you’re ready to have a baby you know there is going to be years of financial hardship ahead with lots to pay out and a possible reduction in income. By the time you’ve actually got some money in your pocket it seems to disappear without you being able to account for it. This month I’ve got our team of finance bloggers to help you through every stage of your financial life. Whether you are looking to get a mortgage or dealing with school fees we have something to help you.

If you’re looking to have more money in your pocket then you need to get into the right mindset. Before you spend another penny more look at First five steps to being frugal from Faith at Much More With Less. If you’re now ready to save money and deal with your financial situation let’s see how else we can help you.

Many people can look back and find they had a misspent youth in that they ran up thousands of pounds of debts. Over the years you may have turned things around and become far more financially responsible. Will those younger days catch with you though? Sara at Debt Camel has been looking at whether past debts will stop you from getting a mortgage in the future. She gives some advice on how to check if your old debts could still cause you problems and what you can do about it.

From the moment you find out you’re expecting a baby it’s going to cost you money. It can be easy to get carried away and spend money on items you don’t really need or can get cheaper. Nicola, who resides at The Frugal Cottage, shares her knowledge and experience of having a child with her list on How To Save Money When You Have A Baby.

When you have a baby one of the biggest dilemmas you are going to face is whether you should go back to work or not. If you decide to stay at home then two problems can strike – lack of money and boredom. Laura from Savvy Savings 4 Mums has worked out ways to earn money while being a stay at home parent.

One of the great debates you can have as a parent is around the issue of pocket money. Lynn at Mrs Mummy Penny has been gathering opinions on her Facebook page. Some parents give regular set amounts whilst others give pocket money in exchange for chores. In some cases the parents give the money directly to their children whilst others pay it into savings accounts. What do you do about pocket money?

Every parent wants their child to do well at school but for various reasons this doesn’t always happen. If your child is struggling with their school work you could turn to a private tutor and these don’t come cheap. Instead you can help your child every day and ex-teacher Emma of Emma’s Savvy Savings tells us how.

When it comes to finances the one thing nobody wants is to get into debt. In support of The Children’s Society during Children’s Mental Health Week Savvy Dad Olly has been helping with their campaign for ‘breathing space’.  This aims to give people time where their debts are frozen for a time before they spiral out of control. Debts don’t only affect the one person but the whole family and can cause mental health problems.

One thing we have to spend money on is food. If you think that saving money simply involves looking at the weekly offers in the supermarket then read the tips from Lee at Homely Economics. Whether you into the store yourself o have your groceries delivered there are savings to be had.

Do ever wonder where your extra money goes to each month? Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes you rarely or if ever wear? Your problem may be late night online shopping buys. Naomi and Ricky from Skint Dad have found Shopper Stopper which is a program that can shut down sites at certain times to stop you from buying from them.

Do you miss the days when you could go out every weekend without a care in the world? If you find yourself in need of some special time together whether at home or going out but don’t have much of a budget then Cass of The Diary of a Frugal Family is here to help you. Check out her ideas for 95 Cheap Date Night (or day) Ideas.

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