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I’m a big believer that people are more likely to reduce their negative environmental impact if it is easy for them. I know the issue is so important that we should we willing to put in more effort to improve our plant, but in reality most people are busy with their lives with little time to consider how to change their behaviour around the usual things like looking after children, going to work and cooking dinner.

So I was pleased to read this article on the BBC website Should you have two bins in your bathroom? and I hope it made people consider how much recyclable material they produce in the bathroom. We have three recycling bins in our house, each one in a room where we produce a lot of material;  in the kitchen for food packing e.g bottles, cartons, tins, in the study for paper and in the bathroom for toilet rolls and shampoo bottles. Where do you produce the most of your recycling? Do you collect it?

Thankfully there are people in the BritMums community who put the extra effort in and we can all learn from the information they share. A particular shout out to Karen Cannard who was recently Talking rubbish on Radio 4.


Tips for reducing waste

Craft to reduce waste

Thank you to everyone who sent me posts, I’ve enjoyed reading and compiling them into this round-up. Please send me links to your recent environmental posts for the next round-up via my blog or tweet me @katedavis. Alternatively, let me know if you have any questions about the environment and I’ll answer them in a future post.

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Kate’s first environmental action was picking cans out of the bins at school for recycling, leading to a green Blue Peter badge, and developing in to a career as an environmental consultant. At home she spends her time trying to convince her two children to turn off lights and tap and her husband to consider eco features as they turn an old care home into their family home. Kate is originally from Yorkshire, but now lives in Oxfordshire. She blogs at darktea www.darktea.co.uk/blog and is on Twitter @katedavis.

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