Under 30s Parents Round-up: 2016 in the rearview

I’m sure you’ll agree 2016 was an absolute rollercoaster of a year. If you look back at some of the defining moments it’s likely you’ll shudder and feel glad it’s behind us. That being said 2016 was a fabulous year for the Under 30s Parents crew. We carved out a place in the blogging community, started this round up and came together to share our unabridged thoughts.

This month I asked the under 30s blogging community to send through their posts about the headlines that punctuated the year. I read so many insightful and moving reflections on world events so today I’m sharing 2016 as the under 30s saw it.


January 2016 saw much of the world facing a collective grief as the news of David Bowies death broke. You might be tempted to think that the under 30s don’t have much connection to the late great Mr Bowie but that’s where you’d be wrong. Hannah of Budding Smiles wrote eloquently about the passing of this musical legend and the awesome power of music to inspire and connect us. Emma Louise of Even Angels Fall was also moved by the death of David Bowie and, later, Alan Rickman. She wrote a wonderful tribute to her grandfather and spoke beautifully about life, death and our perception of aging.


In March Jamie Oliver came under fire for an offhand comment about breastfeeding rates in the UK. Many journalists, bloggers and people on social media were gripped by this story and rushed to attack and defend him. Hardly surprising as breastfeeding continues to be such a contentious issue, particularly in the UK. I wrote about this issue myself on my personal blog Hi Baby as I really felt the backlash was misplaced and that any collective anger should be directed at lack of support and not at Jamie Oliver. Breastfeeding was a hot topic in the news several more times during 2016. Most recently the ‘Tree of Life’ images have stirred up strong emotions and polarised women. Abi of Something About Baby wrote about her frustrations at the divide between mothers and encouraged us all to look past our differences and build each other up.


One of the defining moments of 2016 was, of course, Brexit and all that came after. 2016 has been such a political year and I feel like the under 30s have really found their voice in this territory. I suppose there may be a tendency to think that political comment is best left to the professionals but I’m proud to see so many of my peers standing up and speaking out about these issues. Rosie of Mummy and Boo was really shocked by the referendum result and felt moved to write an apology to her daughter. I think Rosie really captures the essence of the shock and uncertainty so many of us felt when the news of Brexit broke.


Continuing on with the political theme my wonderful co-editor Amie of Finding our feet spoke out on behalf of refugees and challenged so many people to reevaluate how we view those affected by the war in Syria. Amie has actually written several moving pieces on this topic and also set up the association ‘Bloggers for Refugees’. This group gives likeminded bloggers a place to plan how best to support various charities working with refugees and help to raise awareness. The group has already made fantastic progress raising both money and awareness. If you’re a blogger who’d like to be involved just search ‘Bloggers for Refugees’ on Facebook.



I hope you enjoyed looking at 2016 in the rearview and getting to know some more of the bloggers that make up the under 30s community.To be honest there are many, many more fantastic posts from the under 30s that I could share with you but there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. I really do urge you to check out some of the bloggers linked above and keep a close eye on the #ParentsUnder30 tag on Twitter as you’ll discover even more inspiring writers there.

We might be a small group and some might say our opinions are low or trivial but I’m sure you’ll agree after reading these posts the under 30s have a lot to say. No matter what 2017 throws at us I know the under 30s community will rise to the challenge and write through it all with their own unique perspective.


For now, I’ll leave you with this simple yet motivating post by Laura of Dilan and Me, Hate Has No Place Here.

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