Positively Inspirational Round-up: Reflections, praise points & self-acceptance

Happy New Year friends. I hope you are well and have settled into 2017; I suspect those of you who like to set resolutions have already done that and some of you might have chosen a word as a focus for your year.  I have and mine is trust as I have some issues in this area and need to let go and trust that all will be well if I just let it. If this is something you’d like to do this year then I can highly recommend the free 5 day email course from Susannah Conway, head over and read all about it.

These early days in January seem to be a real mix, for some it is a time to still be looking back and reflecting on what has passed in 2016 and for others it is now about putting 2016 to bed and looking forward and seeking the good in 2017.

A new blog I have discovered this year is the Newby Tribe. I am finding it a fascinating read, getting a little glimpse into the life of new adoptive parents. Each post I read I find more and more endearing, here are their reflections from 2016 and resolutions for the new year, which are both great reads.

I love this post from Rachel at Mum on a Mission sharing all her highlights or Christians might call them praise points. Rachel is right, 2016 has been a funny old year with things like Brexit and Trump being elected president but it is important to always seek the good and to be thankful for all we have and all the good things that have happened. Rachel has certainly prompted me to write one of these posts too.

In 2017 Sonia of This Mummy Loves will turn 40 and she has created an amazing bucket list of 15 things that she wants to achieve before 2017 is out. I am loving her list and some of the items I am totally with her and would happily join in with, but indoor skydiving, seriously? You are far more adventurous than me Sonia – enjoy!

Personally I’ve just signed up for Slimming World as I know it is a healthy eating plan I can enjoy and sustain for life. Luckily I’ve realised I’m on a slow path towards killing myself as I have more and more ailments becoming evident so I must act and I have found the blog Just Average Jen to be so useful to me. Jen managed to lose 10 stone on the Slimming World plan. There are so many useful resources on her bog – inspirational posts, recipes and even a great one to help you get back on the wagon when you have a little slip-up.

Not all journeys look quite as dramatic as Jen’s but all are equally valid and I enjoyed this post from Phil at Corporate Dad where he looks forward to making changes in 2017, he is continuing his Dad diet (I love that phrase), signing up for a 84 mile challenge along Hadrian’s wall and getting medical help with his back pain. His post really made me see that although some of my health ailments are stopping me doing big tasks like going running or going to the gym, I can still make good choices.

It was the first time I’d stopped by Mandy’s blog and her post – ‘This is Me, as I am now’ really pulled me in and made me want to explore and find out about her back story. She has obviously been on a massive journey of discovery towards wellness and good self-care and it sounds as if massive progress has been made in 2016.

I’ll leave you with a post from Suzanne at Inside, Outside and Beyond where she closes the year by reflecting back on what has passed and boy what a year it has been for Suzanne and her family. You also need to pop over and check out the new blog written by her daughter Emilia who is taking a very open and brave approach to sharing her personal story.

I hope you have an amazing January and in February come back and read the positively inspirational round-up as it will be written by my new partner-in-crime Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset blog.

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