SEND Round-up: Christmas shows, gift lists & reflections

By the time you’re reading this, SEND families will have just about made it through what can be a challenging period for many of us. Christmas shows usually come before the big day itself, but for some, these school plays are not possible – Hunters Life wrote about how the Nativity went for their child. I read it at the same time as my daughter’s classmates were doing their show, without my girl, and so followed on with my post, Christmas Show and Autism. Uplifting news next from My Square Peg Life, who held their first sensory Santa session, and I loved Faithmummy’s post suggesting five Christmas gifts for special needs parents. These would be welcomed at any time of year I’m sure! There were more lists on offer on the linky too; Autism with Lots of Love and Affection gave us a list of her top 10 must have sensory aids for the home, The Inclusive Home provided some present inspiration with Our Top 10 gifts, and Hunters Life let us know about products that they love. Over on the Carers Club there’s details about an organisation called Remap who provide special equipment – definitely worth a read.

Two particularly helpful posts were linked up this month – A blog about raising my autistic son gave us some good tips on How to avoid being a bore, while Mummy Times Two comprehensively set out how to navigate autism from diagnosis to EHCP. I imagine the holiday time has brought with it a fair amount of ipad/tablet time for those who use them; It’s A Tink Thing wrote about screen time and why an electronic nanny is embraced at theirs.  The Sensory Seeker provided some snow-based sensory craft ideas, and the Long Chain celebrated the knowledge of accumulated experience and resolves to share more in Mother’s Intuition.

Mad Mum of 7 reflected on the first weeks after an autism diagnosis; I know there are lots of others who have been in that situation and experienced those feelings, so please do go and show her some support. Joseph and his amazing Spectrum coat shared her thoughts on the changing seasons in Brace Yoursens, Winter is Coming, while Living with a Jude showed her frustration with the treatment she has received in her letter to Herts County Council. Sadly we know her story is not unusual but this in no way makes it acceptable. Over on The World of Gorgeous Grace, the post ‘If this was happening to Mainstream kids there would be uproar‘, followed on from that, talking about basic needs of children not being met and what we should do about it. Ordinary Hopes discussed how autism is for them; many similarities with others but also some huge differences and much to cope with. Someone’s Mum wrote brilliantly about The Fight – war cry for an autism parent, and Faithmummy offered support and suggested sharing in her post about the secret epidemic affecting special needs parents. Last but not least, Brody, Me and GDD inspired with her post about Acceptance and To Aufinity and Beyond came to a similar conclusion in a letter to her son entitled The Moment I knew.

Hoping you’ve all got more posts to share with us over the next month, whether they are reflections on the festive season or posts looking forward to the New Year… please do link up below!

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About Steph Curtis

Steph Curtis is mum to two girls and blogs at Steph’s Two Girls. She started blogging over six years ago after her youngest daughter Sasha was given a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (also called ASD or Autism). A buyer of toys and stationery in her pre-children life, Steph has now become a Trainer to help all parents of children with disabilities find support and information. Although ASD was the original diagnosis for Sasha, it is believed that she actually has a specific type of autism known as Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Steph is keen to raise awareness of this condition and runs courses for parents to help with strategies for everyday life. Steph is on Twitter as @stephc007 and is a huge Facebook and Instagram fan.

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  1. Hayley - Downs Side Up 16 January 2017 at 14:22 #

    Thank you as ever Staph for such a fabulous round-up. So much to get our teeth into as the New Year begins.