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Christmas is here and all year long our fab team of BritMums Round-up Editors bring you the best from the blogging community each month. So this post gives a little something back and shares the best of Christmas from our Round-up Editors!

Whether you want to find a new recipe, learn how to make something crafty, save some cash or enjoy a post to make you chuckle like Father Christmas, you’ll find it here. This is my second Christmas in the Editor’s chair at BritMums and I have the privilege of working with these guys all year long. They are a great bunch and it is a pleasure to highlight their blog posts as they do for the rest of the community through their monthly round-ups. You can learn more about the individual Round-up Editors here and read the BritMums Round-ups here but for now, here’s an abundance of Christmas to get you in the festive mood.

Ali from Incredibusy loves Christmas and is very creative. In this post she shows us how to create reindeer button crafts! She has also created an ethical gift guide for babies kids and teens followed by another ethical gift guide for grown ups!

Mummy from the Heart’s Michelle will be participating in a #IGoodThing A Day for Advent again this year and in this post she shares her tips for enjoying a stress free Advent.

Amie from Finding Our Feet has plenty of ideas! From reviewing a Christmas book to making a felt Christmas tree – especially when you are not crafty at all, to putting together some ideas for a Christmas Advent box for a toddler, and creating an ‘anti-gift guide’ for under 1s, she knows what she’s talking about. The only thing she cannot work out is why stuff is packaged with so many plastic thingies! Read her post to learn more.

Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes shares with us 7 types of Nativity Children from the nose picker to the cryer and the star! See which one is yours at her post but she did miss out the ‘Air guitar aficionado’ which was always my son at the school nativity. Didn’t you know the sheep in Bethlehem were also adept at rocking out to ‘the boys are back in town’?!

Kate from Dark Tea shows us how to make our own Christmas wrapping paper and shares a list of Christmas films to watch grouped into ‘levels of Christmas! I think by now we are in the ‘Very Christmassy’ section but check it out and see!

Joanne from Charlie Moo’s has 4 great Christmas hacks to save you money in this video and David from Dad V World talks here about the ‘C’ word… Christmas!

I’ll leave you with a few posts of my own from my blog JuggleMum, I have some Christmas recipes in the form of a turkey & cranberry wreath and baked Camembert plus some festive snacks but as well as the food I have also shared a post about Christmas party make-up!

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, all the team at BritMums would like to wish you a very merry one and an incredible 2017. Merry Christmas everyone!

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