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screenshot of PampersClub appBuying nappies, wipes and other essentials for baby can get pricey. At our #PampersClub Twitter chat, we talked about how you make sure you are getting the best value on baby essentials and what your great tips and tricks are.

The Twitter chat was sponsored by Pampers and its new Pampers Club rewards app, where you can earn points every time you buy Pampers nappies and wipes. Earning points is easy, just scan your receipt using the app and watch your points grow. All your points are guaranteed towards money-off vouchers, toys, and other gifts. Considering that babies can need nappy changes up to 10 times a day, it all really adds up! Plus, if you buy your Pampers nappies and wipes at Asda between now and Friday 23rd December and you scan your receipt using Pampers Club, you get double points!

Check out the app now.

Tips on essentials for newborns

Don’t buy too much newborn clothing they won’t be in it long, go for up to 1 month or 0-3 months @Hannytravels

For my second we had about 10 sleep suits and lots of vests and she basically lived in those as a newborn lol! @Tantrums2Smiles

If people offer to buy things for baby ask for them in bigger sizes! They don’t last long in newborn clothing/nappies @Tantrums2Smiles 

Don’t neglect to shop around

Beware the multi offer; buying two for a certain price often isn’t as good as buying one big pack @HannyTravels

Most shops have deals on at some point and using the app makes it even better value! @Tantrums2Smiles

I always look for offers. Lots of the big supermarkets have regular baby events which are usually great @TazAllwood

When buying in bulk buy some in bigger sizes so you don’t end up with extra that are too small! @Tantrums2Smiles

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Unexpected ideas for saving

Avoid the sale items! Stick to what you want to get. Sales pull you in and make you spend on those fancy items @littlemisshan87

Don’t cut tags off on new clothes until they wear them. That way you can return or sell on for more @BeingMrsC

I was obsessed with buying cellular blankets when pregnant. It was blooming summer, hardly used them! @alexaaandra_t

Making baby food yourself really saves money too (and you know what’s in it.) Good old ice cube trays. @emmalouise81x

Changing time

Changing baby’s nappy up to 10 times a day is a lot of Pampers! Earn rewards w/ #PampersClub when you buy nappies and wipes #sponsored http://bit.ly/2gj23vJ 

I signed up to Pampers online and regularly get £1/£2 off coupons for nappies – so helpful @Tantrums2Smiles


PamperClub perks screenshot


Using the Pampers Club app

You just can’t argue at getting reward points for something you would be buying anyway. Added bonus! @antrums2Smiles

Wish this was about when my boy was in nappies @thesoupdragon44

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-9-31-59-amLove how the app tells you which retailer stocks them and if there is any in stock https://t.co/OwLRPcD87Z @littlemisshan87

Mine may be out of nappies but we buy tonnes of wipes! Checking out the rewards now https://t.co/eUchXf7Pn5 @missielizzieb

Love this app! @littlemisshan87

Pampers help you to keep memories alive too! #PampersClub just one of the rewards! https://t.co/6FmXVdgY8C @littlemisshan87

I love the Amazon Pampers subscription! It’s saves me money @MissKB1987

Essentials beyond nappies & wipes that parents love

Oh tights! Yep my son wears tights! No more keep the socks on battle! @MissKB1987

Our wrap sling — literally meant I could have baby close but still have 2 free hands! She loved being in there too @Tantrums2Smiles

Someone advised me to get a mattress protector – wish I’d listened before my (flood) waters broke @TheMiniMalpi

We also loved pee pee tepees, these little cloth cones you put over winkies to prevent surprise sprays @LoopyLouVix

Another big essential for me is a carrier! Still use it now at nearly 2yrs. Was a godsend when she was teething @LoopyLouVix https://t.co/YAkPoeHQS5

An essential for us was a bit bigger – a bouncy seat! @JanTweetTweets

Bottles – I thought it was going to be easy to breastfeed. Boy was I wrong @QueenofCollage

Socks socks and socks! Always got odd ones no matter how hard I try to keep pairs! @littlemisshand87

2nd time around, bibs! Didn’t use them when no1 was baby, but no2 was very sicky. Had to go and stock up @alexaandra_tPampers Club app screenshot

The last words

The #PampersClub app is taking pride of place on my phone! https://t.co/9x3j6wDpT2 @JanTweetTweets

It’s such an easy app to use https://t.co/s4delXW3ug @MissKB1987

Multi tasking at its best! A iPad, a baby, a phone, a rocking app! https://t.co/32rIRasNNX @Littlemisshan87


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