Newbie Round-up: 2016 Highlights

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Are you ready? Turkey ordered? Presents wrapped?….. No, me neither! Oh well there’s still time!


As this is my last Newbie Round-up of the year and this month also marks my 12 month anniversary as Newbie Editor; I thought I would share some of my highlights from 2016. I’ve had the pleasure to share so much talent with you each month, it seems like a great opportunity to shout about some of these posts a little more.


Let’s get going. I’m going to share one from each month, so let’s kick off with January. This Mum’s Life penned such a funny post We Need To Talk About the Conditions of My Imprisonment, drawing the similarities of parenting and imprisonment; I think she has a point.  Such a funny post.


Onto February; We have all been on the receiving end of a dirty look or a nasty comment from a stranger when our children are acting up.  The Ridiculous Mrs H gives her response to such a comment in Why hello, Miss Judgey Pants. Meet my tantruming 2 year old.  Such a fabulous post, with stacks of feeling and humour too.  I wish everyone who has ever judged a parent could read this post.


March; Before we have our family we can often idealise what it will be like and Mumsy Mum shared her thoughts in The Fresh Hell That Is Swimming, which really made me laugh.  ‘Trying to find a changing cubicle was like finding the last 52 inch plasma tv on Black Friday’.  I think we have all experienced some of these moments especially the wet socks!


April; Emma from Jigsaw Parenting does a great deal to support other mums who are suffering from mental illness. In her post This is why you are not your thoughts she draws on all her personal experience of counselling, to share with us how we should be reframing our negative thoughts in order to start to live a more positive and happier life.


May; I would rather smell like a goat by Tilly from Mummy Rules.  This is as funny as it sounds from the title and is such a fabulously written post too. I could see myself reading a novel written by Tilly (if she ever feels like writing one!), such a talented lady.


June; The Inner Monologue Of *That* Conversation from Sarah over at Mumzilla made me weep with laughter. As you can imagine ‘that’ conversation was one about how babies are made and Sarah’s inner monologue was hysterical. I just hope there are MANY more years before I have to answer these sorts of questions.


July; Five Simple Steps to Becoming a Beta Mummy by The Adventures of Beta Mummy. I LOVE Beta Mummy, maybe because I feel like I’m with my soul mate when I am reading her posts. This hilarious examination of the progression from Alpha Mummy to Beta Mummy, focusing on becomingly progressive worse a being a mum, while drinking significantly more wine! Do you identify?!


August; Emma from Island Living 365, winner of the 2016 Fresh Voice award at the BiBs, has sadly recently lost a close friend to cancer.  Emma is part of the #bloggersbeatingcancer campaign, which raised money to beat cancer and she penned this beautiful tribute to her friend, There are no words


September; Nicola over at All Things Spliced wrote Missing the breast-feeding gene. This is a post I personally identified with a lot and I thought it was a great thing for Nicola to share something so personal, which I’m sure made other women feel less alone or judged for the decisions they made.


October; I have said before that I think writing comedy is a fabulous skill to have. Terry-Ann from Notaneffingfairytale, which is a new blog to me, shared her super funny Mummy Princess goes to ***** Primark. Such a funny read!


November;  The last post I wanted to share this month is 10 things I have learned since September from Five Little Doves. This is a change of pace from the other featured posts. A funny look what Laura has learned since her kids started school. I’m sure lots of people will be able to relate to this post.


That’s all folks! Thanks for taking to time to read my posts here and over on my blog, for supporting the wonderful bloggers I have highlighted each month and for being an amazing community.


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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