Home & Design Round-up: Middle aged joy & even more Hygge

So what have bloggers all over the Britmums network been blogging about this month? Well there have been lots of Home & Design posts, some of which I will be highlighting here for you today.

First up, I just loved this post about kitchen lighting from Maxine at the We Love Home Blog.  Lighting as a whole is something often overlooked, and it really can make a huge impact on a room.  Modern kitchens are used for so many things, so its important to add lighting to enable you to do all of those tasks.  So much fab advice, I especially loved the idea of adding light outside in the garden to add depth to the kitchen.

Now this next post really made me giggle.  Do you consider a side table, a middle aged joy? Well up until now I hadn’t even thought about it, but yes I do see where Rachel is coming from.  Gone are the days when you can leave that glass of red wine on the floor, or even hot tea, and where would I rest my iPad whilst I’m catching up on Gilmore girls? Plus there’s a little makeover to tempt you too.

I know I covered it last month, but Hygge still seems to be everywhere. Love it or loathe it, even I’ve gotten caught up in the hygge action with my guide on hygge in the bedroom this winter.  Antonia is showing us how to hygge your sofa two ways and Nadine from JuggleMum got me thinking about the mindfulness of the seasons and the relationship with hygge.  Can’t wait to see the bedroom project once its complete Nadine!

Talking of bedrooms, this is a great post from Dear Designer, if you are having guests come to stay over the Christmas period and want to make their stay magical.

Finally a slightly different post to conclude this months Home & Design Round-up.  I spotted this really inspirational post from Penny about how to get interior ideas whilst travelling.  Some really interesting posts are included, including one from me when I went on a mad dash around London with two chairs taking photographs of London Landmarks.

Thanks to everyone featured in this months round-up.

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One Response to Home & Design Round-up: Middle aged joy & even more Hygge

  1. Paula Sutton 08 December 2016 at 17:53 #

    Oh i’m loving these recommendations – thank you so much – I can’t believe it took me so long to find such a valuable resource!