Fitness Round-up: Keeping fit on holiday

fitness round-up

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Sticking to your fitness routines over the coming festive period or any big holiday is undoubtedly one of the hardest things. With all the temptations around, it is not easy to follow what you would normally do and go for a run instead of having a glass of mulled wine with a few mince pies.

I love Christmas and since becoming a parent nearly 10 years ago, I have been enjoying it even more as we all know that the best is watching our little ones being super excited and opening their presents.

In all these years of motherhood I have tried many different tips on how to survive Xmas and not to pile on too many pounds, but it’s only been in past 3 years or so that I managed to master this.

I can tell you right now, the only way this works is that you need to keep on moving and working out, otherwise you end up being miserable in January with a New Year resolution to eat less, healthy and exercise more like I see millions of people do every year.

I was like that, but since I have started working hard on sticking to my fitness routines over holiday and especially Xmas, I have not had any issues with piling on weight.

How to stick to your fitness routines on holiday?

So how do I do it? Even I am a human and love food and a glass of bubbly or a nice cocktail, so there is no way I would not enjoy my favourite treats. I have a life motto which is to “enjoy everything in moderation” and that’s basically what I do.

If I don’t have time for my run on the day I normally do, I make sure I do the next day, even if it’s just a short run, 5km will not take you more than 30 minutes, and once you complete your workout, you will feel not only proud of yourself you actually got out and did your exercise, you will feel amazing and get rid off at least some of the extra energy you have consumer the day/night before.

Even little counts! We all have been there, feeling hung over after partying too much. The best thing you can do is to go for a long walk, no running, just walking, take your family, get some fresh air and all this will also help you get over the hangover, and will use some of the energy from all the cocktails/drinks from previous night.

This year we are flying for our Xmas holiday to the Dominican Republic and I cannot wait. We love spending this time of the year on the beach, and you can be sure I will have my running trainers and yoga mat packed.

Running along the beach, listening to the sea, watching the sunset is just the best way to relax for me, and you should try it too.

So my advice is to stay active over the Xmas break, involve children too and keep fit!

This month I would like to draw your attention to the few people who stick to my #FitnessTuesday linky and say a special thank you to them.

I love this Active Women interview with Sumita Sarma over on Juliet’s blog.” From growing up with Bollywood in India to discovering exercise through desperation, there’s something we can all learn from it. It really reflects the fact that the benefits of being active go vastly beyond the way our body looks. The sky is the limit for Sumi.”

Why is working out good for you? Well read Sarah’s 6 THINGS I’VE LEARNED SINCE WORKING OUT, you might find the answer there!

Another fab post promoting working out. This time read about the 5 mental health benefits of exercise #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Super proud of one of my blogging friends who has become a yoga teacher and now you can follow her journey, attend her classes and retreats too! Read more about Yoga with Zaz.

I am a spinning addict and if there were more days in a week, I would definitely add another spinning class to my fitness schedule. Loved reading Kate’s post about What A Spin Class Is Really Like.

If you are after something very different why not to give aquajogging a go? I tried it a few years ago while training for the London Marathon, and can  tell you, it really is a challenging workout!

You could have seen me blogging and tweeting about TomTom’s Touch, the latest Fitness tracker, and I was pleased to read another great review by Becca. It really is a great fitness gadget, so if you are after a fitness tracker, keep it in mind!

I love running, and aim to go 2-3 times a week along doing all my other fitness routines, but running every day? Well to find out what it’s like read FIT AT FIFTY AND THE MARCOTHON post!

Hope that this month’s fitness round-up will be an inspiration for you all, and don’t forget to tweet me your links for the next one via @Fitness4Mamas or leave a link in a comment below.

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4 Responses to Fitness Round-up: Keeping fit on holiday

  1. Zaz 23 December 2016 at 03:06 #

    You are so right Mirka – keeping a fitness regime during the festive period not only keeps the pounds off, but I think also keeps you sane and keeps a sense of normalcy when it’s all a bit hectic at this time of year! I’m loving my yoga practice on the beach and in beautiful tropical gardens while on holiday in Trinidad & Tobago.

    Have an amazing time on your gorgeous hols – I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs you mentioned, and thank you so much for mentioning me too! Happy Christmas!!

  2. Becca Farrelly 17 January 2017 at 15:38 #

    Really great advice, I have to say I let myself off over the xmas period but I still was careful about what I ate and made sure I got my steps in each day so I really enjoyed it! Wasn’t too hard to get back to it either 🙂


    • Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas 19 January 2017 at 09:31 #

      Great to hear Becca! I agree, we do need to make more effort as slipping off can mean it’s much harder to get back into it afterwards!