Finance Round-up: Surviving Christmas and beyond

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So we’ve nearly got to Christmas and I have ask how are we all doing? Have you got to the completely frazzled stage yet or are you so organized that everything is bought, wrapped and all in order? Perhaps you are someone who does everything on Christmas Eve by rushing around in a mad panic. Whatever your plans for the coming days are there’s always time to manage your money well. Let’s see what festive advice our bloggers have for us this month.

Have you already got to the stage where you are waiting for payday and there doesn’t seem to be enough money in your pocket to buy any presents? Cass over at Diary of a Frugal Friday shares her tips on How to have an amazing Christmas even when Santa is skint. She suggests buying presents in the Boxing Day sales for people you are going to see after Christmas and getting second-hand bargains on eBay and in charity shops.

For some more top Christmas money saving tips check out Emma’s Savvy Savings. Have you seen any Advent calendars reduced yet? Some of the beauty and candle ones have great products inside which can used next year or even broken up to use as gifts. There’s also no need to spend lots of money on decorations when you can get natural foliage for free.

Have you been trawling round the shops looking at the same things in the same shops and been shocked by the prices? Have you thought of buying second-hand? I love a second-hand bargain. From books and DVDs to more expensive items such as mobile phones and games consoles there’s money to be saved if you know where to look. Jane from Maflingo has done the hard work for you and shares her favourite places to buy second-hand.

As if we didn’t have enough to sort out and pay for and along comes another ‘must do’ thing – we’re talking about Christmas Eve boxes. Olly at Savvy Day has come up with 10 Christmas Eve Box box ideas with budget ideas such as using another key from home for Santa’s magic key and making reindeer food from the cereal Boxes.

Kelly at Reduced Grub has been looking at a new cashback site set up by TV presenter Kate Thornton. It’s called  TBSEEN and can help you get some money back on a number of online shopping sites and even your grocery bills. If you look for cashback deals on all of your online shopping it’s surprising how much it all starts to add up to.

It may nearly be Christmas but there are still some ways to which you could save money. Someone who knows how to get deals is Emma Drew and she tells us how to get discounted gift cards and to cut down on those expensive takeaways before Christmas.

Do you feel the pressure of spending at Christmas thanks to retailers? If you are prone to overspending read what Skint Dad has to say on the matter. It’s time to ignore the tempting loans and credit cards offers ( I get sent so many week!) and to be picky about what the kids have asked for on their Christmas lists. There’s still time to return items before Christmas…

If you’ve got Christmas all sorted then it’s time to start sales shopping planning. That’s right to get the most of of it needs a plan otherwise you will end up spending money on unnecessary items. Sara from Debt Camel knows all the tricks shops try to play. If an item has been reduced from a high price it may seem a good deal but was it really worth the higher price originally? Before you buy any ‘sale’ item always check online to see what other retailers are selling it for as you’ll be surprised that sometimes it isn’t actually such a good deal.

Need some money quick before Christmas? Don’t fear as Katykicker has listed her favourite online survey and opinion sites that have low payout thresholds and quick turnarounds.

If you want to feature in a future finance round-up then contact me via my Facebook page or on Twitter. In the meantime have a great Christmas and let’s look forward to a prosperous New Year!

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