Current Affairs Round-up: Lest we forget

Current Affairs round-up

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It’s been a busy few weeks. By the time you read this it will be December and almost a month will have rolled by since Remembrance Sunday took place; lest we forget.

It’s an event which, with every passing year, moves me more than the last – particularly so since becoming a mother. Victoria at Mummy Times Two describes my own feelings perfectly in her post, while Kate at Counting to Ten brought us a couple of interviews which provided a fascinating insight into a soldier’s perspective of fighting for one’s country. I’m so awed and intrigued by the mindset of anyone who has the courage to do what so many did (and still do today) – whether by choice or by force. They are heroes every one.

Emma at Island Living 365 gave us an altogether different kind of interview in her parodical exchange with Donald Trump. As with Brexit, I have the impression we were generally unprepared for the reality of president-elect Trump, and I think it’s fair to say even fewer of us are left inspired by the result… Halina at Vie Chauffeur explained her concerns following the news and Emma at An Author’s Notebook shared her thoughts, while Victoria at Mummy Times Two gave us her views on what I fear is an out-of-reach Utopia – but one I aspire to for my daughter nonetheless.

On a similar theme, Halina also wrote about the too-oft default way in which we speak to our young girls. I found the post very thought-provoking and with Trump-gate (am I allowed to say that? Oops, I just did) still fresh in our minds, I think it’s the perfect time to consider the subject.

There have also been some important campaigns in the spotlight these last few weeks. Maria at Happy Mummy blogged about the #givemespace campaign, highlighting the need for more parent and child car parking spaces – or perhaps more specifically – a properly governed system which prevents the abuse of them. This one is close to my heart and has my full support: if you don’t need the space for its intended purpose then don’t be an ass. The end.

Rachel at Ordinary Hopes wrote about the #ChangingPlaces campaign which, while it doesn’t affect me directly, is very clearly another relevant and essential cause to get behind. I can only imagine the frustrations invoked by this grossly unfair issue.

Finally, I’d like to bring attention to a great post by Gina at Skint Momma: if I were buying for SEN little ones this Christmas, Gina’s guide would be the bible by which I’d choose their gifts! For those of us untouched by any special needs children, it’s an almost impossible task knowing the ‘correct’ thing to do for them, so this will be a fantastic resource for many.

On that note, all that remains is for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year – I’ll see you on the other side!

In the meantime, if you have any posts you’d like to put forward for the next round-up I’d love for you to join my #outsidemywindow linky, or alternatively you may of course submit the regular way using my contact details below.

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