55 Christmas cleaning hacks #ad

Supersavvyme pic mother daughter cleaningChristmas is a busy time and one of the challenging tasks in keeping the house pristine in case of unexpected guests.

During our #ChristmasClean Twitter chat, sponsored by Supersavvyme, we chatted about your festive season cleaning hacks and emphasized how it should be a team effort by the whole family.

At Supersavvyme you can discover all the best Christmas cleaning tips and advice. Find out more on how you can get the whole family involved in the household chores over the festive season leaving more time for that all important family fun. You can also download vouchers, take part in giveaways and join in the conversation. Start exploring now.

How to get the family cleaning

Tweets from the #ChristmasClean twitter conversation

Part of the #ChristmasClean conversation…

Emptying the bins in their bedrooms for a start. Those bins seem to be like the wardrobe in the Narnia books @yosarhw

They also are happy to help hang the washing out @TheBeezleyBuzz

For our #ChristmasClean we give the kids little jobs (fluff sofa cushions, empty dishwasher) that they can do quickly @jhowze

My daughter is quite competitive so if I challenge her to a cleaning race. She loves it @lovepenguins126

Santa hats and elf costumes make everything, even cleaning, more fun! @haningham

[We give the kids] manageable things like dusting and Hoovering. My boys tidied their own room throwing away the clutter! @lauislucky

Vacuuming, mopping, dusting https://t.co/pACjCm3whC @Jessies_Kitchen

Make it into a game…whoever picks up the most toys gets a sweet @Teesimpson9

Let visiting relatives help! My mum happily loads the dishwasher while we sort other stuff (the MIL not so much!) @angep1969

Photos on boxes is always a good idea too. Used to do that with shoes those were the days @irenedreaming

Get the kids to help with Xmas cleaning with these fab tips by @SuperSavvyMeUK #ChristmasClean #sponsored www.supersavvyme.co.uk/tag/free-the-mums

Tips from the Super Savvy Me experts

Women spend a year & a half of their lives cleaning. How to enlist the family: https://t.co/3y2Ah3ynH0  #sponsored @SuperSavvyMeUK

Cleaning hacks including how to get the whole family involved www.supersavvyme.co.uk/tag/free-the-mums #sponsored @SuperSavvyMeUK

5 steps to a quick pre-Christmas clean-up https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/home/cleaning-wizard/article/get-organised-is-your-house-in-shape-for-christmas #sponsored @SuperSavvyMeUK

You can download coupons now to make cleaning easier & cheaper! https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/tag/free-the-mums-coupons  #sponsored @SuperSavvyMeUK


supersavvyme images

Supersavvyme’s Free the Mums area features cleaning tips that get the family involved. Images courtesy of the site


The perfect #ChristmasClean playlist

We put on a Christmas song/carol and compete who gets the most chores done. Time flies by in a flash! @gleave_anna

What’s the best song of all for housework? “I Will Survive” possibly! @kateonthinice

Gotta be “Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas. And “All I Want for Christmas” a cleaner @MentalParentals

The kids tidy up to the Mission Impossible theme tune! They have to blitz before music ends! @lauislucky

The biggest irony is the little man singing the “tidy up” song they have at school – whilst making the biggest mess @Angep1969

we sing the clean up song, my son also goes through all his old toys and donates them to charity @GeorgiFett


Tips for every room in the house

Visit the Supersavvyme Cleaning Wizard to get room-by-room tips #sponsored

cleaning wizard on Supersavvyme



Tips for removing yellow stains in loo

Weird as it sounds, a can of Coke! pour it in, let it sit for an hour, and flush. It really does work! @yosarahw

Harpic Power in the black bottle. Two overnights and it’s sparkly again. Nothing compares. @Xennia79



cleaning a microwave tip from twitter chat

How to banish a smelly fridge

Baking soda and vinegar are also the best things to clean a greasy oven! @lauislucky

Cut an onion in half and leave it in the fridge to collect smells. Bin it afterwards, not edible! @FalcondaleJan

A bowl of baking soda hidden at the back works @xcardiffbirdx

Have you tried baking soda and vinegar? Give it a go, I think it will work @alexandra_wyatt

Cleaning the microwave

I cut a lemon into slices, add water, put in a bowl cook in microwave for 6 mins. Cleans & smells fresh @Beckielise

Sorting horrendous hobs

That has to be my least fave job. Cleaning the oven @Iamamyd

Cook Christmas dinner on a sparkling hob (including the tricky bits) #ChristmasClean #sponsored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amPfKfVpQwE @SuperSavvyMeUK

An easy way with pots & pans

10 place pans in hot soapy water 2) leave to soak 3) go and watch TV @alexandra_wyatt



Sparkling windows

Clean windows with a solution of vinegar and water and use newspaper to buff it up afterwards @Teesimpson9

Perfect sitting rooms & guest rooms

Freshen up mattresses and sofas b4 family stay by sprinkling with bicarb. Leave to absorb odours & then vacuum off @OneHome6Hearts

For a great shine when guests arrive: Make your own furniture spray with 2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon juice @needaphone

Tips for getting the guest bed ready https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9BT3rsH6nk #sponsored @SuperSavvyMeUK

Cleaning strategies & coping with clutter

I try to take a ‘one and done’ approach to cleaning jobs rather than leaving them to build up on a to-do list @TheBeesleyBuzz

Don’t blitz all at once. Focus on one room or thing – last week I did the oven & en suite shower @Topsy1973

Labeled tubs! So helpful especially if you can get the ones that slide under beds for easy storage! @Tantrums2Smiles

We usually operate a one-toy-in/one-toy-out policy in December to ease the clutter! @nat_zin85

We usually do a ‘shove all the clutter in bags and hide it in the bedroom before guests arrive’ every year @TheBeezleyBuzz

Have a basket on the stairs for clutter, every time someone goes up they take something upstairs where it belongs @xcardiffbirdx

My best tip is organise all your cleaning products. Cupboard under the sink needs to work for you! Easy to find in emergency @missielizzieb

I like to make a cardboard box with wrapping paper on next to tree [to put stray items in]. Plus does not look out of place @groundrootsjay


candle tips for Xmas from Twitter chat

Sneaky quick tips

Love my candles! A fragrance filled home is awesome. Light them all day every day https://t.co/12BekibL8m @xcardiffbirdx

A window squeegee can also help remove pet hair from carpets! A fab trick my mum told me when I first got my dogs @LKash20

Quick paint touch ups but brushes stiff? Soak overnight in fabric conditioner, rinse. Good as new. One less expense @Beachhutcook

Bed sheet on floor before they start playing – then you can pick up all at once @Kateonthinice

Use Playdoh to pick up any spilled glitter. It sticks to the Playdoh and turns it festive @Iamamyd


funny pic from #ChristmasClean Twitter chatKeeping a sense of humour

Hey, does hanging so many decorations that they disguise the dirt and dust count as a hack lol!? @domesticgoddesq

I just tell folks the cream carpets are patterned @Kateonthinice

How do folks clean their shower? Am I the only one who strips off to clean it? @missielizzieb

My daughter likes to pretend she owns a cleaning firm and lines all her teddies up, telling them what needs doing @Beckielise

Maybe someone should invent a LEGO hoover for kids  that way us parents would never need stand on it again #ouch @pinkwinkgirly

Get the Mother in Law to do it! Under duress….. @suziejwong

The last words

Thanks for a fun hours, tip all noted and happy festive everyone https://t.co/yaklZt6BBJ @pinkwinkgirly


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