Breastfeeding Round-up: 2016 Breastfeeding highlights

It’s the last BritMums breastfeeding round-up of 2016; what a year it’s been. I think it’s fitting to wrap it up with some of our breastfeeding highlights, especially after sharing some of our frustrations last month.


Jules’ (Pondering Parenthood) is exclusively breastfeeding her son from birth by exclusively pumping for him – almost 7 months now. ‘Wow’, right? As someone who pumped for about 6 months to save my first breastfeeding relationship, sometimes up to 5 hours a day, I know how immense this is.


Mine is breastfeeding my toddler whilst nourishing my bump. This has given me a newfound respect for my body. And I can’t wait for our tandem nursing journey – breastfeeding my almost 3 years old toddler, whilst starting from the beginning with my new-born … exciting.


For Nicola (Nicola Says), it’s breastfeeding longer the second time round, despite her struggles at the start – 5 months now and counting.

“I love the closeness and being her comfort, and I’ve found a new confidence as a mother”, she wrote.


Leslie’s (Messy Blog) increased confidence and knowledge second time round are her highlights. These have meant that she’s found breastfeeding easier, including being more comfortable breastfeeding in public.


For Alex (Lamb and Bear), it’s getting through the first few weeks of pain and drain with her second son and exclusively breastfeeding him from birth, unlike with her first. Breastfeeding in public is also not a big deal – feeding “on a busy commuter train in front of complete strangers, at weddings, at the zoo, everywhere”; even “babywearing … on a day out in London” with “the bare minimum – baby, boobs and backpack!”


Fee’s (One of Each Me and Mine), with an energetic toddler, is the exhilaration of breastfeeding her new baby outdoors – at parks, in the woods, and on beaches. It’s not surprising that this is her favourite thing about breastfeeding this time round.


Amy’s (Mummy Fox) most memorable breastfeeding moments from the year are: feeding “in a wedding dress, on the big wheel on Blackpool Pier and on the ‘It’s a small world’ ride at Disneyland Paris”.


For Natalie (Mum Worthy), it’s the success of the Big Latch event she organised in the Summer – finding donations for 23 raffle prices, getting 50 goody bags and 200 people together, 60 of which breastfed for the Big Latch’s record.


Hannah’s (Budding Smiles) letter to her boobs is one to read. Whilst she finds breastfeeding emotional, testing, difficult and bloody painful at times”, with “lopsided, blocked, leaky or sore” booby downers, her bosom is no doubt “a source of great pride” to her, in relation to her daughter’s well-being.


According to the UK’s last Infant Feeding Survey in 2010 only 1% of the 81% of women who initiate breastfeeding at birth exclusively continue to breastfeed at 6 months. For Steph (Mental Parentals), her highlight is being part of this 1%, even as she continues on her breastfeeding journey.


Kate’s (LesbeMums) reflection on her 20 months of breastfeeding is one to read; what a beautiful and uneventful ending to what started as a tough ride –

“no long goodbye. No farewell. No thanks for the memories mammories. That was it”, she wrote.

It’s not surprising that she’ll “do it again in an instant”.


My, what a roller coaster ride Nyomi (Nomipalony) has had on her breastfeeding journeys.

“There have been many times I wanted to give up but not doing so has made me stronger and I’m so pleased I didn’t”, she wrote.

I’m so pleased her persistence and sacrifices paid off with her son and continues to pay off with her daughter too.


For Victoria (Mummy Times Two), it was properly feeding her little one at 5 months old, without rocking him or trying to keep him awake whilst at Covent Garden watching a street entertainer.


For Amy (All Things Amy), it’s snuggling up to breastfeed at night, after bath and story times.

“I just love those moments so much where I get to soak him all up, just us. I love the way he stares at me, and the way he plays with my hair and the cheeky grin he gives me when he knows he should be going to sleep”, she wrote.


For Chelle (Mummington Post), it’s having a more relaxed and longer breastfeeding journey third time round – 1 year and counting.


For Siobhan (The Baby Boat Diaries), it’s comforting and breastfeeding her daughter when they were out and about on her first birthday. This included “an extra special moment at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham whilst looking at the penguins”, making her appreciate the bond they had developed over the year.


For Emma (Even Angels Fall), it’s how well her son latched on after birth, and how he’s doubled his birth weight on her breast milk in 8 weeks. She is so pleased he’s feeding really well and growing.

“I’m proud of both of us for our breastfeeding journey so far!”, she said.


So many top moments to share!

I know how hard the 4th trimester can be, and how fabulous it feels to overcome so much to continue the nurturing of our young directly from ourselves for however long. It must be so delightful to be part of the 1% of mothers in the UK who exclusively breastfeed to 6 months … the 0.5% who get to 12 months … and the less who continue beyond 1 year.


Join me in celebrating with these mums and others alike; check out our blogs and comment on our posts … share them if you enjoy them.


Thanks for reading with us this year; we wish you a lovely year ahead.

See you in 2017!

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