42 top tips for great sleepovers #ad

midnight gang book coverSleepovers are milestones on the way to independence and a way to make great memories of friendship. We remember our own sleepovers fondly with fun activities, yummy feasts and even the occasional bit of sleep!

At our #TheMidnightGang Twitter chat you shared your top tips for sleepovers. This Twitter chat was sponsored by HarperCollins Children’s Books, publisher of David Walliams’ new novel, The Midnight Gang. A big-hearted adventure and David’s most ambitious book yet, The Midnight Gang is about children at the Lord Funt Hospital who work together to make their dreams come true. The book is out now in beautifully illustrated hardback, and makes a lovely Christmas gift for young readers.

Inspired sleepover food and drink tips

Have personal lap trays for food! @StuartDonlop1

If they are old enough, get them to bake their own treats! @missjesawyer

We love decorating cupcakes as an activity and they can eat it afterwards @coldcuppaclub

Get a kids water cooler. It saves fetching and carrying drinks all night/morning!!!! Was well worth it! @funky_fifi

Buy a cheap popcorn maker – only about a tenner – hours of fun! @gambofi

It is easier as kids get older, football table, marshmallow toasting, hot choc and they are as happy as Larry @pinkwinkgirly

This blogger has a great [idea]! https://t.co/zXUy819w1O @goriami

polar bear hot chocolate

Sleepover strategies

Have just 1 or 2 friends for first sleepover. 1st time novelty plus lots of littlies = a long night all round @Bernie3calel

Think it’s good to have a structure. As they get tired, they get bored. Nice to have tricks up your sleeve @claradteddy

I tend to have some activities planned to start with but then let the kids take control on what they want to do @Tantrums2Smiles

Go over the times and rules at the start, let them have fun then make it clear there is a time for sleep @thesoupdragon44

I always have a couple of movies/board games set aside if they can’t think of what to do @PiaMaria79

Take lots of photos adnd print them in the morning for the guests to take home https://t.co/OU8ZpUxz2B @funky_fifi

pictures from a sleepover

Fun sleepover activities

Take them for a massive hike or runaround or Pokemon Go hunt in the afternoon! @storyofmum

One fab sleepover the boys recreated music videos. Was hilarious. Miley Cirus Wrecking Ball brought the house down! @lynnylemon

I quite fancy the idea of a treasure hunt, maybe they’d need to tidy up to find clues @angep1969

We love building dens https://t.co/wf14yP6eHT @coldcuppaclub


building dens


Making dens! Usually with a 1000 bedsheets and then sitting under them with their torches on lol! @Tantrums2Smiles

A few weeks ago, my daughter and friends took all their blankets out to the trampoline to look for shooting stars @coldcuppaclub

If it’s slightly older girls pamper sessions and mocktails are great fun @ikkle87

Getting them to sleep

Is there a trick? I just wait until they’re finally exhausted! Usually about midnight https://t.co/ZRU0Gz4g3Q @missielizzib

They usually wear themselves out as the night goes on. I try not to be too strict @CymruEm

Bribe them with the promise of bacon sarnies for breakfast if they sleep! @Luckysammyg

My kids have a ‘midnight feast’ when they sleep at Grandmas…normally at 8.30pm! They love it! @Tkw2014

Sometimes putting on a DVD in the bedroom can help everyone chill out and lay still thus falling asleep hopefully @Tantrum2Smiles

I have changed the time on the clock before now so they think it’s later @ChelseaMamma

We try not be too strict about when they need to sleep, they usually tire themselves out with all the giggling @coldcuppaclub

Actually we have a fake midnight for Mads & DangerBoy… 8:30 p.m. 😉 @reallykidfriendly

If host parent goes to bed and leaves them with the remote … I always turn WiFi off at midnight @FalcondaleJan


summer house tweet

Best place to hang out

We have a safe enclosed garden, the summerhouse is the perfect sleepover den https://t.co/9zeFSzz7xY @pinkwinkgirly

I find movies are always a hit for the wind down before bed as it gets them in the bedroom chilling out before sleep @Tantrums2Smiles

A tent in the garden is always a winner with boys. I think it is the freedom @thesoupdragon44

When I was younger we had an old brick shed. Me and friends loved sleeping in there despite it being dirty and cold @Evette77

Your sleepover memories

Den building and sleeping in them was the best! @thesoupdragon44

Me and my best friend had a sleepover every birthday I’d have a pig shaped cake she’d have a clown https://t.co/X2oTtZ2F1o @ikkle87


sleepover tweet

I remember sleepovers with my cousins and making a big den of their bunk beds and listening to Adam Ant LPs @angep1969

We were allowed to make a camp in the lounge and Mum bought us sausages and jacket potatoes as if we were outside @wonderemo

I loved sleepovers at my nan’s. As a kid was a great adventure @thesoupdragon44

David Walliams and The Midnight Gang

Good bedtime stories are essential! #themidnightgang #ad Just a small selection of her David Walliams collection lol @missielizzieb

OMG you don’t know the half of it! Gangsta Granny!@missielizzieb

That is amazing https://t.co/0ZLmt9koU3 @ChelseaMamma

The kids LOVE hearing @davidwalliams on the #audiobook – really captivating. @kidfriendly_uk

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