Mums & babies try Similac Follow-on Milk *ad*


Similac Follow On Milk tin by thisdayilove

Making sure your baby or toddler’s nutritional needs are being met is a constant guessing game for many parents which is why so many of us choose to support their diet with formula. 

BritMums recently teamed up with Abbot’s new Similac Follow-on and Growing-up Milk in a paid relationship to road test their new palm-oil free and nutrient-enriched formulation.  

20 of our most discriminating bloggers were each given a tin of either Similac Follow-on or Growing-up Milk and asked to give their honest and unbiased opinions. They commented on how easy the formula was to prepare, what they thought of the packaging, how well their babies and toddlers took to the milk as well as whether they’d consider buying it again. Their collective opinion was overwhemingly positive. Here’s a “taster” (sorry — we couldn’t resist) of what they thought. 

Easy to store, easy to read

The packaging was a big hit with pretty much everyone who tried it. Glossytots and SomeonesMum liked that the powder wouldn’t get damp inside an airtight tin unlike some similar products. MyWinterandJonah just loved the shiny look of the tin and fact that the nutritional information is clearly displayed.

Video: Mixing Growing Up Milk

A few bloggers made videos of themselves preparing Similac for their child. Here’s ASliceofMyLifeWales and MidwifeandLife showing just how easy it is to make.



 MightyDuxbury’s little boy Short Rib accepted the new formula instantly. Not even an eyebrow raised at the change, just grabbed his bottle and guzzled it greedily as you can see below!


Short Rib tucks into a bottle of Similac

In fact hardly any of the babies who tried the milk had any complaints about the change of brand. PetitePudding‘s offspring finished an entire 6oz without stopping, while MamaEdenandMe‘s baby Eden accepted the milk easily and snarfed down the bottle.

The only tiny niggle that almost all our reviewers had was that the measuring scoop needs to be levelled off with a knife. They’d have preferred one which could be used one-handed. (Not surprising: What mum of a baby or toddler isn’t constantly multi-tasking, doing one thing with the right hand and something else with the left.)

Similac (£11) is available exclusively at Boots. 

BritMums commissioned bloggers to try the Similac products. They were paid for their time and received Similac product free of cost. All opinions are their own. The project and this post was sponsored by Similac.

Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies and is recommended for as long as possible during infancy. Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby. It is difficult to reverse the decision not to breastfeed. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional for advice on how to feed your baby.

Homepage image: Black-and-white portrait courtesy of Glossytots; Similac shot and colour portrait courtesy of My Winter and Jonah.  

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