McDonald’s Happy Meals: Healthier than you think? #ad

Brummy Mummy and her daughter at McDonald's

Brummy Mummy and her daughter with the healthier Happy Meal

When it comes to feeding our kids healthy food, we are always looking for positive choices — choosing natural ingredients and reaching for healthier options when we can.

BritMums recently teamed up with McDonald’s in a paid relationship to talk about the positive reformulations that have been taking place and the choices available to parents when it comes to buying their kids Happy Meals.

5 mums look at healthier Happy Meals

Five of our most discerning bloggers were each sent a giant Happy Meal box containing some toys and healthy options such as water, fruit and carrot sticks — all of them options when families go to McDonald’s. Also included were books — did you know that McDonald’s has been giving away children’s books in Happy Meals since 2012?   

They were also asked to film a trip to their local McDonalds to try out the healthier-style Happy Meals for themselves. Here’s what they thought:

PodCastDove’s daughter loved her Happy Meal so much she came up with an impromptu song all about her healthy carrot sticks! You can see it below. Read PodCast’s full post here.



Brummymummy took a mother daughter trip to a local McDonald’s sporting matching outfits. Being allowed to have organic milk in a bottle with a straw instead of a fizzy drink made her daughter feel very sophisticated. Read Brummymummy’s full post here.



We loved notanothermummyblog’s speeded -up unboxing video and she also reminded us to look out for the book vouchers on the side of Happy Meal boxes. Did you know McDonald’s has given away 43 million storybooks in Happy Meals alongside money-off vouchers? Read Not Another Mummy Blog’s post here.



What Katy Said let her daughter Gracie help place their food order using the new giant touch-screens, which can be used to order meals for table service as well. They were chuffed to swap out fries for carrot sticks too. Read What Katy Said’s full post here.



And last but not least it was so fun to watch More Than Toast’s little girl Elfie rip open the giant happy meal box that was almost as tall as her! Elfie gave her McDonalds 100% chicken breast nuggets a big thumbs-up. Read More Than Toast’s full post.



Learn more about the healthy choices in Happy Meals on the McDonald’s website for more information. 

Homepage image: Courtesy of Podcast. 

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