#GoodtoKnow secrets to get children to eat healthily #ad

As parents we’re always urging our children to enjoy their food, whilst also making good choices for them. At our #GoodToKnow Twitter chat, you shared your secrets to balancing treats for your children and encouraging them to make better food choices – like eating more veg or choosing water or milk instead of sugary drinks.

The Twitter chat was sponsored by McDonald’s. McDonald’s have made positive changes to Happy Meals, with reformulations of what goes into the food (100% British and Irish beef in the burgers, reduced salt and fat, 100% white chicken breast meat) as well as more choice for parents (the option of carrot sticks or fruit bags, organic milk or water). You can see more positive changes here http://bit.ly/2exE53U.

Some of our bloggers even went to McDonald’s to try out Happy Meals with the new options on offer — see what they have to say. Check out one of the videos below, by What Katy Said, as part of this paid campaign:



Going behind the scenes helps you know you’re making good food choices. Take a look at @MyVirginKitchen’s #GoodToKnow behind-the-scenes McDonald’s visit (and find out how they make the chicken nuggets!).

How to encourage kids to eat well

By relaxing a bit& not forcing them to clear their plate – encouraging them to try everything but not getting worked up! @whatlukedidnext

I love baking with them! We make healthier treats (chocolate and beetroot cake anyone?) so they know what’s in it @LaurieBeat

Always put veg on their plates and even though they often detest [it], they always eat it. @Kellyxdotty

Out and out bribery too lol. Three more carrots* (*insert healthy food of choice) THEN you get your ice cream @angep1969

Lead by example. Healthy eating is the norm and treats are not treats/rewards, just something that we eat occasionally @WhatKatySaidUK

Sometimes I feel too strict saying no! But there are alternatives or try distractions @MissKB1987

I’m disabled so shop online – really helps to only buy a few treats and they can’t eat what I don’t have @Tonkatol

What mums like about Happy Meals

McDonalds tweet about revised Happy MealsChuffed with the changes to Happy Meals. We will be much more likely to drop by now. Organic options are important to us @staceylouisem1

Mine always swap out the chips for fruit bags @mrspkmarshall

Water option is automatic for my little ones! Am #HappyMeal about that! @eyes_wide_uk

Happy Meal healthy options are fab! Just the right portion size. Tasty. No incentive need to eat these. @eyes)wide_Uk

I’m impressed with all of the changes and McDonald’s is good for a treat @MissKB1987

Milk is a great swap! We love milk. @BexAllum

Less than a quarter of Happy Meals are sold with a sugary fizzy drink and we’ve introduced Organic Milk and Water. https://t.co/mqCzr0wEIp #ad

Treats aren’t just food. McDonald’s has included 55m storybooks in Happy Meals #ad

#DYK McDonald’s improved what goes in Happy Meals? Saturated fat in their cooking oil has reduced by 83% #ad

Making healthy food fun

LoopyLouVix tweet on healthy foodI think keeping them involved helps. Make shopping fun, let them have input in what you buy https://t.co/tyLj1GVmSi @LoopyLouVix

Adding in smiley faces makes it enjoyable @thesoupdragon44

We bought the kids bento-style lunchboxes with different compartments for grains, dairy, fruit, vegetables and protein @Savvybunny

If safe, I involve Lucas in the cooking. This morning he was “exploring” the spice rack while I prepped the casserole @angep1969

We like to get creative and it’s fun for both of us! https://t.co/hHP30qY4Pt

I try to make healthy food fun to help entice @LoopyLouVix

When you go to McDonald’s

On very special occasions. Both daughters gluten-free, but McDonald’s usually very good about it @njw499

They ask to go more than we do, so healthy choices make me rethink that @kateonthinice

It is a weekly treat for the girls to have a McFlurry after swimming lessons, also go as a family as a special treat @OrganisedJo

We go to McDonald’s after a big family shopping outing — the DIY store, the recycling centre, then McDo’s @jhowze

My son is obsessed with the toys! Main reason he wants a Maccies when we go out haha @LoopyLouVix

We haven’t been for a while so I’m not sure 🙁 but I’ll make sure we go soon. So many great things on the menu @cazzabeat

#DYK you can choose fries without salt at McDonald’s kiosks? They’ve reduced salt in a typical Happy Meal by 47% #ad

How you approach “treats” with your kids?

Wotstarmagic tweet to BritMums about healthy treatsRemind them that they are treats and don’t back down @lovepenguins126

We keep treats as treats by making them occasional @jhowze

We used to go to the local post office and buy 20p worth of penny sweets. My son has a box of treats in the house @cazzabeat

We have to tell the grandparents to limit the treats @ChelseaMamma

I am rubbish at giving in but try really hard to have healthy treats in my bag when out and about @KEEccles

Later bedtime, longer use of the tablet, going to favourite place — I tend to use these things as treats @CorpStyleStory

I stop referring to sweets or fatty foods as a treat, they become less attractive when they’re not “treats” @goriami


How do you encourage your children to make healthy choices? Have you tried the new Happy Meal options at McDonald’s? Tell us your take!

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