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Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word? I, for one, am quite glad Halloween and Bonfire night are behind us and we can now focus all our attention on preparing for Christmas! Are you one of the lucky ones to have already got your Hatchimal? Are your kid’s already writing out their lists for Santa?


Before we focus on the festivities totally, I have two more newbie round-ups to share with you in 2016. This month I read some truly wonderful posts. As always it was such a difficult challenge to narrow down my selection. I really do appreciate all of your submissions. It’s no reflection on your writing or blog, if you don’t get featured. It’s simply the fact that I get hundreds of submissions each month.


So onto November, a post which I must admit hit home for me was Sara from Mind your Mamma with a post about a life coaching sessions she attended. ‘Do you ever STOP’ he asked’, is a powerful piece highlighting feelings that I am sure most of us share.


Next up ‘Why My Divorce Is a Sign of Strength, Not Failure‘ from Ellamental Mama. Who examined the feeling of society that marriage takes work. That if you give up on your marriage, it’s because you didn’t have the fortitude to work hard and make it work.


Bloggers are brave and they share their personal stories in a way that’s incomparable by mainstream media. They share their lives and their own stories, to heal themselves and to reach people that would benefit from hearing their words. ‘Chemicals Don’t Strangle My Pen, Chemicals Don’t Make Me Sick Again‘ is a brave account of restarting anti-depressants from the Accidental Hipster Mum.


Victoria from Mummy Times Two penned ‘Twenty seven weeks and one day’, a letter to her child’s life altering reflux. A powerful glimpse into the life of a family with a suffering child.


I had tears in my eyes while reading ‘Sophie’ from Gemma at Somewhere After The Rainbow. Gemma courageously tells the story of the loss of her daughter, while highlighting the work of the SANDS charity. Well done for being so brave Gemma.


I often wonder what it will be like when my daughter is grown. How will our relationship be when she’s a teen? I hope we will be best friends. Raising My Girls from Helen over at Just Saying Mum, was such a wonderful post. I feel it gave me a peek into my future, if I’m lucky.


I loved A letter to the lady who was apologising for her 5 kids by Jemma from Thimble and Twig. The power that strangers can have on our lives should never been underestimated. 


The last post I wanted to share this month was 10 things I have learned since September from Five Little Doves. This is a change of pace from the other featured posts. A funny look what Laura has learned since her kids started school. I’m sure lots of people will be able to relate to this post.


If you have a post that you would like me to consider, please email it to with BritMums Newbie Round-up in the subject line.

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