Thank you for #BloggersBeatingCancer

On the morning of the 30th September the blogging community did something amazing. We came together and raised money and awareness for #BloggersBeatingCancer. Why is that amazing? People raise money every day. It’s nothing new but actually, it was something new for me. This is the first time that I had ever run a charity campaign and I was full of self-doubt. I was asking you lovely bloggers, most of whom I have never met face-to-face, to get on board with this. To buy into the idea of a virtual coffee morning. I worried that you wouldn’t want to get involved.

Thankfully, however, so many of you did get involved. If I was looking for reassurance that humanity still exists, that kindness still exists, then I found it that morning. I was stunned by how many people got involved. How many took up the challenge. Soon, many of you wrote posts sharing your experiences, and many of you donated. At the time of typing this post we had achieved our target of raising £1,000. That’s brilliant and testament to what a fantastic community the blogging one is.

I want to thank all of you. By getting involved you have shown me that there is still hope. That something wonderful can come from something very tragic. Sarah shouldn’t have died. Yet, through #BloggersBeatingCancer I have realised just how indiscriminate cancer is. You have shared your moving stories and I can now see that cancer is taking beautiful and amazing people, like Sarah, every minute of the day. If this money that we raised means that we can help save one person, one person like Sarah, then we have achieved something great. We should all be proud of ourselves for what we achieved that day. Thank you for running with me on this: your support means everything to me.

There is also one other blogger that I really need to thank. One person who saw that from this terrible loss, something positive could be achieved. That is Sarah from Mumzilla. Sarah, who when I was deep in grief and raging at the world, made me feel positive me again. Sarah who helped me believe that we could achieve something great. Without her support then this would have not happened. When I was struggling with the words, my voice numbed by grief, Sarah found the words for me. Quite simply she got the ball rolling and wrote the first post on #BloggersBeatingCancer. She started banging those drums loudly for everyone to hear. Thank you Sarah.

Finally, I would also like to thank the blogging organisations which got involved. Organisations like BritMums. Thank you BritMums, your support has been invaluable and letting us share this with your readers really helped us get the message out there. BritMums, you were superstars!

30th September was a day to remember. A day when we showed the world that we can use our platforms for good. So often it seems that blogging has been swamped with people wanting to earn money, fretting about SEO and rankings. It was nice that on that morning, for a couple of hours, this was all forgotten. As bloggers we were equal. We came together as a collaborative and we showed the world that when we are united we can do great things. We were trending on twitter at number 2, we were raising money and awareness. We were united as a community.

30th September was a day for all of us bloggers to be proud of ourselves, a day to be proud of our community. Fancy joining us next year?

Sarah, my friend, who inspired this whole campaign, would have been proud too.

Thank you everyone. You all rock. The blogging community rocks.

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