A warm homecoming for #TeamGB #ThankYouMum #ad

BritMums Editor Nadine braving the rain to welcome #TeamGB athletes home

BritMums Editor Nadine braving the rain to welcome #TeamGB athletes home

There are things that can make us all emotional. Watching your child’s first nativity play, a tender moment with a loved one and seeing the swell of pride when your nation’s athletes come home with the biggest Olympic medal haul in a century – are just a few.

I was there this week. In Manchester as the #TeamGB Olympians and Paralympians paraded the streets to a sea of red white and blue flags peppered with plenty of golden hats and wigs to commemorate the 27 gold medals that were won in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

I was a guest of Procter & Gamble (P&G) which owns mum friendly brands such as Olay, Venus and Pampers. P&G were one of the top sponsors of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and through their ‘Thank You Mum’ campaign, they have worked with gold medal winning heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill and her mum Alison Powell, and gold medal winning cyclist Laura Trott’s mother Glenda.

Jessica Ennis-Hill

P&G Ambassador and Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill. Photo credit: Nadine Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill was there in Manchester and I have to confess she is one of my favourite members of #TeamGB. I have followed her career with interest as we both hail from Yorkshire. There was a moment of sadness in the otherwise positive crowd when Jessica confirmed that she is retiring from the Olympic sport but as she has a two year old and with the possibility of injury from the volume of training required to be an Olympic athlete, I can certainly understand her wanting to be home more with her son, Reggie.

That’s what we do isn’t it? As a mum of two myself I’ve moved heaven and earth and made some tough decisions to be able to work around the needs of my family. We do what needs doing for the greater good, without any need or expectation of thanks.

However P&G are saying “Thanks”. Their recent ‘Thank You Mum’ campaign is rooted in the insight that a mother’s courage and composure in times of adversity, is a strength her child draws upon throughout their life. They have made a powerful yet tender video titled ‘Strong’. I challenge you to watch this video and not feel the goosebumps rising on your arm!

However in Rio during the 2016 Olympic Games, P&G did more than just stir emotions. They also provided practical support to the Team GB athletes and their loved ones, with a P&G Family Home which acted as a home away from home for the Brits who were 6000 miles away. A place where they could go for a complimentary manicure or blow dry and some pampering at the times they were not competing, and just spend time together in a nurturing environment, away from the highly focussed and competitive conditions of the job they were there to do.


At the #GBHeroesMCR parade we had sunshine and we had the rain but nothing dampened the spirits of the crowd of 200,000 who came out to support our athletes. We listened as the athletes thanked the crowds for coming out and braving the weather and they thanked the public for all their support. But from the ‘Friends and Family’ area that I was watching the action from, along with the loved ones of Team GB – we didn’t need to hear their thanks. There were some proud mums with me, watching their grown-up child onstage, living their dreams, welcomed as heroes as part of #TeamGB, and you could tell that was thanks enough for a job well done. Thank You Mum.

BritMums is working in a paid relationship with P&G to promote their Thank You Mum Campaign. Visit their website at SuperSavvyMe and click here for more details about their ambassador Jessica Ennis-Hill and her mum.

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2 Responses to A warm homecoming for #TeamGB #ThankYouMum #ad

  1. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas 25 October 2016 at 21:31 #

    This must have been an unforgettable experience, wish I was there!

    • Nadine Hill 27 October 2016 at 07:23 #

      It was really exciting to be part of a crowd that were so positive and happy, proud of our athletes.