31 ways to keep kids safe online

We enjoy our online lives and want our children to experience the benefits too. However, they are often more savvy than we are and we worry about how to keep them safe. We encourage every parent and carer to read our post about the 9 things kids are getting up to online — you might be surprised.

At our #SecureKidsOnline Twitter chat, sponsored by F-Secure, we talked about how to teach children smart Internet practices as well as raising awareness about the pitfalls and dangers for children online, from apps, YouTube, online and mobile.

Peruse these smart Internet practices and pressing concerns, from parents and F-Secure, a leading European cyber security company with decades of experiences defending enterprises and consumers against everything from opportunistic ransomware to advanced cyber-attacks. 

What are your biggest concerns about online safety?

I do fear that kids know more about social media than me! Not always sure what I’m looking for @FoxVillageFox

Both my son’s schools talk to them about safety but I really worry about my 12-year-old as he is very trusting @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE

Cyber bullying is a worry but I think communication is the key, kids need to feel they can talk openly to you @29niknak29

Now boy is 4 we need to be more vigilant in what he’s able to do @nicsull

I’ve had to have words with teen family members about sharing Snapchat images of my children too @LoopyLouVix

Homework is all online now which has its drawbacks @ChelseaMamma

Amazon one click can be a nightmare! @vickyandmick

Tips from parent bloggers

Don’t leave them alone with devices @vickyandmick

I think it would only be an invasion of privacy if your child didn’t know? Mine knows I check hers @AmybeingMum

We don’t allow technology upstairs. Everything gets switched off and put away @ChelseaMamma

The most important thing parents can do is talk to kids regularly about their online lives – show interest! @Dad_Map

Use parent features where possible. My daughter can’t get on to the Internet without a password. @missjesawyer

Make sure when they set up screen names that they don’t include personal information @ChelseaMamma

I teach my son about [being aware of] showing things like school uniform badges/addresses in photos and how they can be traced @Tantrums2Smiles

I have my DD’s tablet linked to my PC so I can see everything she does including emails and DMs @bella165

Our daughter is in primary school – but we do not let her use the internet alone @ormkitti

Suggestions about online safety software

YouTube advice

I installed the kids YouTube app for my kids but they gave quite a lot of adverts @etspeaksfrom

There are still things that slip through the net on kids YouTube, mainly swearing so it’s not totally kid-safe @29niknak29

I made sure my 4-year-old has a locked down iPad with kids YouTube access only @meisafairy

My son loves YouTube, [but] it’s easy to go from toy reviews to something potentially harmful. Safe search is great @GeorgiFett

My son is only allowed to use his iPad if we are in the room and no headphones whilst on Youtube @sharonslack8

I think that is ingrained in my kid’s head: Don’t tell ppl who you are, age, address etc. @BrisonSharon

Advice for apps/shopping/buying online

My 2-year-old bought Amazon prime! I was gutted to find £79 gone from my bank account @S_walker_S

Set up a password to the Internet, so only you can access and download child-friendly apps! @alexlb20

I install apps for my kids rather than let them do it. Even the most savvy kids can spend ££ accidentally @emmalouise81x

Make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest apps so you can understand how to help them @thesoupdragon44

New apps/sites appear daily and it’s tricky keeping up with the ones kids see as cool to use any particular day @kodymagic

My daughter keeps asking to purchase in-game extras, thank goodness we have this option password protected @SavvyBunny

Especially in-app purchases extra coins etc — kids don’t realise it’s actually real money! @vickyandmick

How can F-Secure help my family

You can trial the software for free: F-Secure SAFE campaign #ad

Check out one mum’s review of the F-Secure software

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