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fitness round-up

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When the air turns much colder, I seem to swap some of my running workouts outside for indoor exercises. One of my old-time favourites are spinning classes at my local leisure centre. 

Have you ever tried a spinning class? They are usually fully on, so if you are a beginner, take it easy. Try to follow your instructor but do not kill yourself like me when I started many years back. I was so determined to keep up that after about 20 minutes I was rushing to the toilet and was sick.

Anyway, I am known for loving working out outside and not being a huge fan on gyms. The only great thing I found about swapping for heated indoor place is that you do not need to be covered in layers and can still show off your lovely fashionable fitness clothes.

Last year I became Fabletics brand ambassador, and I absolutely adore their collections. You could have been me presenting a few outfits already, and running a giveaway too. And there will be more!

Do you wear make-up when working out? I surely do, and the only exception is when I go swimming. That is my personal preference and do not say you have to wear make-up, but it’s just part of me. That’s why I had a good laugh when reading about Kettlebells & Glitter. What’s your say on this?

After working out for decades I have collected quite a few fitness clothes and sometimes get sentimental and keep all for years. The truth is that I most of these I do not wear and will probably never wear. It’s hard to let go of some of these, like the t-shirt I ran my first marathon in back in 2011. On the other hand, my wardrobe is so full of unneeded clothes, I do need to sort this out. Reading 11 tips on how to let go has definitely helped me to start in the right direction! Do you keep old clothes you never wear?

Recently I have also has a chance to check out Shock Absorber’s new fitness bras, and loved also seeing other fitness bloggers like My Goodness Recipes or Joanne Larby raving about them as I honestly think they offer the best support.

If you are some more trendy fitness fashion, you need to check out my friend’s Zaz Instagram and posts. I love the easiness she can pull off anything and look amazing. By the way, did you know she has been featured in the Evening Standard as one of 10 Instagram Yoga Accounts You Need to Follow

You might be surprised about me mentioning flip-flops as part of my fitness fashion round-up, but for any long distance runner these are a must as after running a marathon you do not wish for any other footwear! I loved the super stylish Gandys flip-flops, aren’t they adorable? Just a shame it’s nearly winter here, but if you are planning a Xmas break away like me and my family, I bet these could be very useful. 

What you your favourite fitness fashion brands? Please share in a comment below.

October was a month full of celebrations for me, and one of the most important one was my Fitness 4 Mamas blog turning 2! To celebrate the 2nd blogiversary I have teamed up with TomTom UK again. This time we are giving away their latest TOUCH fitness tracker worth £129.99!

Hope that this month’s fitness round-up will be an inspiration for you all, and don’t forget to tweet me your links for the next one via @Fitness4Mamas or leave a link in a comment below.

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