Blogging Tips Round-up: Photography tips and tricks

Hello again. Well that’s it – autumn is here and although we still have some sunny days (how lucky are we given that it is October) the colder mornings are creeping in and the darker evenings drawing closer. While that may be great for us parents as there will be no more arguments lengthy discussions about it not being bedtime as the sun is still shining it does reek havoc on our photography which is a BIG part of blogging.

Now you don’t have to be a pro with a camera to blog, you don’t even have to have a big boys camera – I take all of my pictures on my smartphone, but we do all know that dark rooms and no natural lighting won’t enhance our shots no matter how hard we try.

So, what can we do to help us now the natural light disappears and the evenings grow shorter?  Well of course there are some wonderful tips and tricks our there which will help you along the way.

First up is a great post from Liz about taking better pictures when the lights are low, Liz is surrounded by photographers in her household with her Father and her other half and it shows in her wonderful IG feed that she definitely has picked up their advise along the way.  I will definitely be trying her torch and white card trick for some shots soon. 

Irina goes into a little more technical detail on faking better shots in restaurants and at night, she talks about ISO and shutter speed so this is one for those of you who’ve more than a smartphone to play around with (I would love a BIG decent camera – It’s on my Santa list and I have been a very good girl!).

There are some really useful ideas in Patricia’s post on 7 non-technical ways to improve your photography, I do try to get down onto the kids level when photographing or at least am making more of an effort to and WOW – just take a look at her close up shots, speaking of close up Darren shares his Macro photography set up showing the secrets to his incredible captures.

Aby specifically shares her photography tips for bloggers, while Kate guest posted for me sharing her tips on taking great photos and of course once you’ve taken them you’ll want to display them.

I’ll end with this brilliant tutorial from Nadine which shows you just how easy it is to make a mini studio in your own home – if you’ve a box, white paper and scissors you’ll have a lightbox in minutes!

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