Newbie Round-up: Belly laughs & tears

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Well there’s a definite nip in the air and our thoughts are now firmly on Halloween. Instagram feeds are awash with pictures of conkers and pumpkin fields, so it’s time to see what our Newbie bloggers have been writing recently.


Each month when I sit down to read the submissions that I have been sent, I am genuinely blown away by the talent of the writers out there. Blogging is lucky to have these talented people within its community, it really is.


So, who caught my eye this month. The first post I want to share is Eeny Meeny Miny… Me? by Mummy Wales. I think it’s quite common for us ladies to suffer from some degree of identity crisis following the birth of our kids. Mummy Wales has written this fabulous post, which I’m sure sums up how many of us feel.


Lauren over at Dilan & Me wrote a beautiful post about body confidence and body image. Pre pregnancy jeans is such a wonderful post highlighting how as pregnant women we tend to embrace our new curves, yet as soon as the baby is in our arms, the negativity we feel towards our bodies returns. I think the message here is that we need to be kinder to ourselves.


I have said before that I think writing comedy is a fabulous skill to have. Terry-Ann from Notaneffingfairytale, which is a new blog to me, shared her super funny Mummy Princess goes to ***** Primark. Such a funny read!


Sticking with the comedy Baby Anon from The Secret Life of the Baby had me giggling with their account of a trip to the supermarket;  Supermarket Weep. I don’t blame the mum for switching to online shopping.


I know that as a mum I sometimes feel like I haven’t done a good enough job, been the best mum I could have been on a given day. I don’t think I am alone and Today I wasn’t enough and that’s ok from Kirsty at Motherhoodery reinforces this. It’s natural that we sometimes feel like we haven’t done our best, but we are all human and tomorrow is another day. The fact that we worry about our performance, should show us that we are the best mums our kids could ever have.


Last, but by no means least this month is A letter to my anxious child, from your anxious Mum from Louise over at Pink Pear Bear. This stunning letter to her daughter had tears pricking my eyes, such a gorgeous post please go and give it a read.


If there are some new posts to you here, then I encourage you to go over and read them. Why not leave a little comment, remember all bloggers love a comment.  Have a wonderful Halloween and I’ll see you next month.


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