Fitness Round-up: Back to school, back to your fitness routines

fitness round-up

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September is mostly marked with our children going back to school, and is also a month when many mums start getting back into their fitness routines after a long summer.

I am very lucky as since having my 9-year-old Isabelle, I tend to spend the whole of summer holiday with my family in the Czech Republic. This also means I do not have to give up my fitness routines, and keep on running swimming or cycling throughout the whole of summer.

Not everyone is that lucky, and with no childcare around it can be very tricky to keep fit while looking after your little ones. Then you face the “going back” to your fitness routines after a few weeks off and it’s not easy.

I suggest you take things easy, and slowly start building up your fitness levels, and you will see a massive improvement in a month’s time if not sooner.

As I say, one thing at a time, don’t go crazy and start attending a class or run every day to catch up on what you have missed in past 6 weeks, as that’s the way how to get injured and only prolong your return to your fitness routines.

If you like running, sign-up to a 5km race and start training, incorporating walking and running until you manage to run 5km again.

I do like challenges and every September take part in a local Moor Park 10km run, this year was extra special as both my girls took part with me! It was a special moment, and am so proud of them both!

I have also finally started taking some Pilates classes at a local studio, and absolutely love it. It’s great to see where my body needs to get stronger, and also how much I improve on a weekly basis. Why have I not started years back?

Anyway, as with everything, it’s important for you to do what you like, so find an activity you like and get stuck in it!

Have you been thinking about trying yoga? Then you will love one of my very good mates’ post on  What is Your Yoga Power pose? I wish I was more flexible, love her Instagram updates!

A few months ago I revealed Muriel’s plans to run an ultramarathon 100K for Action Aid, and would like to congratulate her on achieving this. You can read some more about this on Telegraph website! There is still time to support and donate too, please be generous!

I love seeing my friend’s hard work and dedication being recognised by such institutions as BBC. Juliet and her team 261 Fearless were invited to the BBC Breakfast to chat about running! How amazing is that?

Love the enthusiasm and determination in Nadine’s post about making triathlon easier than we think! I myself have taking part in a triathlon on my list. It has actually been there for a few years now since I ran 3 marathons and also swam 3 Swimathons. Maybe this year will be the year? Who knows!

Leigh from Headspace Perspective recently completed the 22 press ups for 22 days challenge to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder amongst combat veterans. Read her post on What I Learned from the 22 Day Press ups Challenge. Some very interesting fact!

When I was away this summer with my daughters, my husband started running. Yes, to hear that was like to hear the Xmas bells ringing! After all these years, he finally did it. He joined the local Park Run on saturday morning, and slowly build it up, and now confidently runs 5km in 28 minutes. Talking about Park Run, have you read Helen’s post on her 50th Park Run in Guernsey yet?

When it comes to keeping fit and healthy, many of us take food supplements. On the other hand, there are so many, that it might be very confusing for many of us. Read Marina’s post on her choice!

By the way, you can Win a Bannatyne Spa Experience for Two (up to a Value of £500) including travel, lunch, manicure, pedicure, a spa voucher!

Hope that this month’s fitness round-up will be an inspiration for you all, and don’t forget to tweet me your links for the next one via @Fitness4Mamas or leave a link in a comment below.

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  1. MsXpat 30 September 2016 at 19:52 #

    I’m pleased that I found this on Twitter. I was just texting a friend saying how hard its been for me to get back in to my gym regime. I’ve been going but I’ve lost the enthusiasm, for some reason. I look forward to reading more posts and getting inspiration.