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On a recent BritMums press trip we spent some quality time with Lisa Jane from Travel Loving Family; Maria Belfont from One Tiny Leap; and Cathy Winston from Mummy Travels, hearing about all their tips for running their Facebook blog pages.

These super-engaged family travel bloggers generously passed along their tips and are now sharing them with all of us. Be sure and follow their pages.

Travel Loving Family
One Tiny Leap
Mummy Travels

Also, the BritMums co-founders:
Susanna Scott, A Modern Mother
Jennifer Howze, Jenography.net

Here, top tips from Lisa, Maria and Cathy.

Lisa Jane, from Travel Loving Family, says:

1. Invite friends to like your FB page (this comes up as an option under your number of likes). If you then post on your personal FB profile asking your friends to look out for the invite there is more chance they will accept the invite!  I tend to do this every few months. When I do I pin one of my first posts (which is a description of my blog and a link to my ‘about me’ page) to the top of my FB page so that anyone visiting my page for the first time knows exactly what my blog is all about;) 

2. Invite anyone who likes or comments on your FB page. This is really simple you just need to click on your likes/comments and a list of people will come up. Just simply click on invite. 

3. Ask companies you work with to share your posts.
I only have 900 followers on FB and yet my reach is normally between 1,000-4,000. This is because companies I work with/attractions I have reviewed also share my posts, which is a huge boost! 

4. Use your local network. My biggest successes on FB have been from sharing relevant articles on local FB groups. When a post does particularly well, I screenshot the shares/likes/comments and use for future pitches to companies. 

5. Mix up what you share. I tend to share a mixture of photos, links to my articles and other bloggers’ posts, plus other relevant links, i.e. to newspaper articles. 

6. Use insights and comparisons. Check the success of your FB posts via the insights page. I check my page against the success of some similar family travel bloggers so that I can see what works/doesn’t work for my page and others’. 

7. Be yourself, in a manner. Occasionally I like comments on my page with my personal profile name which seems to help with reach and getting my friends to see the posts too. 

Maria Belfont, from One Tiny Leap, says:

8. My main tip is to remember your readers – make it engaging by creating a conversation, ideally with a visual/photo. Avoid posting too many links as it may affect your organic reach, and eventually discourage people from following you. 

9. Ask questions. Asking a question at the end of your post creates an incentive to readers to comment, thus further increasing your reach.

10. Get personal. A small, but important tip is to use  ‘you’ instead of ‘all’ – i.e. ‘What do you think?’ rather than ‘What do you all think?’. It keeps the conversation on a one-to-one level, rather than blogger vs audience. 

11. Get your timing right. Look at your insights, and run a few tests to determine when is the optimum time for you to post. If you’re a pregnancy/baby blogger, a 2am post may do well as other mums are awake during night-feed, whereas if you’re a school years blogger, then you may want to plan your post for either very early in the morning, or after the school run to reach as many readers as possible.

Cathy Winston, of Mummy Travels, says:

12. Keep an eye on trending topics on Facebook. If you post something that relates to those, Facebook can end up giving it priority which means more people will see it. I set up Google alerts for related topics as well to save hunting out stories every day, as well as Buzzfeed newsletters.

13. Do video. Video is huge on Facebook at the moment, especially Facebook Live but if you’re posting edited versions, you’ll get much better results uploading the video direct to Facebook than sharing a YouTube version or link.

14. Promote your page elsewhere. If you want to push blog readers to your Facebook page as well, create a button to go at the end of blog posts. I use the Max Buttons plugin with different versions for various different social media so people can just click through if they liked the post. You can also post a link but it’s a good way to make it more eye-catching and really easy to include without too much cutting and pasting.

15. Look around. As well as your own insights, keep an eye on other bloggers in your niche — what are they doing? What works for them? What kind of content is getting shared or are readers engaging with? Facebook lets you pick ‘pages to watch’ so you can have a mix of bigger bloggers and people at the same level as you, see how often they’re posting and what engagement they’re getting.

Do you have any Facebook tips? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 29 September 2016 / 13:40

    Some great tips. I personally preffer promotion via Twitter and Instagram @Kahanka for my travel posts, but really need to do more on facebook.

  2. 07 October 2016 / 17:25

    One huge issue is paying to promote your FB page or promote your posts. It’s really hard to get ‘organic’ (ie free) reach these days, as this is how Facebook makes its money.

    I think it is worth paying to promote your Facebook presence, however, as it is cheap and very tightly targeted. For example, you can specify what age, sex and interests you want to reach, and costs start as low as a few £s.

    I often post the latest Middlesized Garden blog post and see how much reach it gets organically, then I support it a few days later. Ironically, I believe it’s worth supporting the more naturally popular posts rather than the least popular. If your post naturally reaches several hundred people it will reach several thousand with a few pounds. An unpopular post will stay unpopular, no matter what you do with it.

  3. 24 January 2017 / 20:12

    Really useful. As someone that uses Twitter more and shies away from Facebook I need to get my head around this more. Thank you team x