Learning about how to ensure our elderly loved ones eat healthily

Emma and Three and her grandad!

Emma and Three and her grandad!

More than 3 million people in the UK are affected by malnutrition, which can lead to muscle loss, less mobility, slower healing, and longer and more frequent hospital stays.

BritMums and a small group of bloggers involved in caring for a loved one attended an Abbott information event and also had the experience of what it feels like to suffer from advanced muscle loss by trying on a sarcosuit. They also heard from nutrition experts and an 87 year old woman who shared her story of her road to recovery following a short stay in hospital that led to her being malnourished.

As we get older it is vital that we maintain muscle health and have the ability to recover from injury and illness effectively.
So what led to our bloggers’ interest in this vital issue?

Emma counts herself a lucky woman as she sees her 2 granddads regularly.


Rishi from Mummy and the Cuties finds it difficult to talk about eating with her dad.


Tanya at Mummy Barrow explains how seven years ago the family moved GG to be nearer to them as she got older. At the information event she was pleased to hear that frailty is not inevitable.


Kaz tells us how her 95 year old Nan lives independently but the family are concerned about her wellbeing. Kaz was quite shocked by the information presented on malnutrition in the elderly.


Tayla is concerned is her mum who has progressive Ankylosing Spondylitis and who has had a series of falls. She was interested to see how good nutrition can help you recover from illness.


Kate describes her amazing Nan and highlights how important it is to balance helping someone with giving them due respect.


BritMums is working is a sponsored relationship with Abbott to be an advocate for nutritional health for the elderly. In this post we describe why nutrition is an issue, how malnutrition leads to muscle loss and give you simple steps you can take to ensure good nutrition in yourself and those you love.

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