The seasons of life

Katherine Lawson

Katherine Lawson

Katherine Lawson is a 32 year old specialist nurse from Gloucestershire who writes today’s blog post. Her greatest loves are her job, singing and using other people’s children as an excuse to have fun and be a child again! Over to Katherine…

“To you, with the children, who let me in.

Do you believe in seasons of life? I do.
So many articles these days are written by (and for) people in specific seasons of their lives. Some from Mums to other Mums, lamenting the sleepless nights and vomit in their hair. Others from single women to single women lamenting the loss of friends or irritation of endless baby photos on social media. Some also from women trying, but not able, to become a Mummy. Heartbreakingly honest letters of the raw grief and the painful jealousy that envelopes them when they see another scan photo of social media.

This, however, is a letter from me. Katherine. 32, single, no children. It’s not how I’d hoped I’d spend my 32nd year and certainly not what I’d planned, but I’m learning that it is what it is, my season of waiting.

My season of waiting
When your friends begin to have children it’s an exciting, amazing time. You wonder how you became old enough for this to be a reality, secretly glad that you aren’t the one staying up all night feeding yet still desperate for the first cuddle. When the next friend, the friend after that and the friend after her have a baby you begin to realise that this is your reality now. Your friends are settling down and starting their own families. This is a strange, limbo era for me. One which I trust will, as all seasons do, come to an end. But trusting in that hope, which for me comes from my faith, does not mean that it hurts less.

To the many I’ve drifted away from, it’s ok. I know that you exist in a strange new world now. One that terrifies and delights you in equal measure. Once someone carelessly uttered the phrase, ” you wouldn’t understand, you’re not a Mum.”
Do you know what? You’re right, I have no idea, but I pray every day that one day I will. They didn’t mean it with any malice intended but boy did it hurt. I’m fully aware that something untouchable now separates me from those who’ve started this wonderful and exhausting new journey and for some of those relationships the foundations weren’t there to sustain the difference. Thankfully, you are different.

Who is this ‘you’ I’m referring to? You are the women who let me in. You are the many women of my life who became Mothers before me and didn’t shut me out. You are the ones who shared your scan pictures with me, knowing that I would genuinely get joy from seeing your fuzzy little shadow of a tiny but perfect human. You are the ones who allowed me to rest my hand on your tummy knowing how excited I would be by a single kick. You are the ones who allowed me to visit the hospital in those first few precious days and spend time holding your pride and joy, breathing in the unbeatable smell of milky baby. In the early days I try not to interfere, afraid to intrude on this intense and wonderful time but you invite me in. You breastfeed on a rocking chair while I lie on the floor beside you chatting aimlessly. I listen, genuinely interested, to your stories of nappies and weaning and in turn you then listen patiently to the stories of my day. You don’t need to do that, you could make an excuse or yawn a lot and I would leave, but you don’t.

Mummy friends
We walk around parks and you manage to multitask, juggling a toddler, an ice cream, a stuffed rabbit and still holding a conversation with me. I know that your priorities have shifted but I don’t feel like a nuisance. As your children get older I delight in the school uniform pictures and the trips with you for school shoes. You don’t think twice about having me with you. You welcome me into your home wholeheartedly at the end of a long day. You are back at work, exhausted but you, your husband and your children behave as though I am meant to be there, part of the family. Birthdays, New Years Eves, holidays are no different, you share your family, your precious ones. You give me the honour of entrusting your child in my care, knowing that I will love every second of imagining, just for that evening, that I could do the immense job of motherhood.

“The problem with women having children much older…” My patient begins during a recent visit, I brace myself…..” Is that you can’t enjoy them as Grandparents, as much, when you’re older.”
I reflect for a moment, sad for my parents that they are still awaiting this joy and sad for myself that I’m the one responsible for withholding it. They will be wonderful Grandparents, I know they will.

Being on my own is the one part of my life that does not fulfil me. My friends, family, career, faith and home do and I’m proud of all that I’ve achieved but my ultimate goal is that of Motherhood, it’s yet to be reached and feels further and further away.

You have held me while I’ve cried for this missing part of myself and encouraged me in dating endeavours even when I’ve been less than enthusiastic. You have put up with me becoming periodically upset and lamenting the same point over and over without becoming short tempered with me. You have given up time that could have been spent with your husband or your children and spent it with me. For all of these reasons I love you, my Mummy friends.

Thank you for sharing the most precious people in your life with me.”

Can you relate to Katherine’s story? Do you have a friend like Katherine in your life? Share with us in the comments.

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5 Responses to The seasons of life

  1. nic@nipitinthebud 29 June 2016 at 21:44 #

    This is so beautifully written and you’re right it speaks to a bond between women not often spoken about. For so long I was the woman waiting for her season, breaking her heart at the thought that motherhood, with a lifetime of longing, might not be something I’d ever experience. I felt that grief for my parents too. Like Katherine I was fortunate enough to have friends and family who made that extra effort to include us and I learned to accept the drifting of relationships where friends seemed somehow guilty about the ease with which their family grew and awkward around us because ours hadn’t. I feel so thankful and privileged to be a Mum now and my children are blessed for having a friend like Katherine in their life.

  2. Laura 29 June 2016 at 21:56 #

    I’m honoured to have this lovely lady in my life, she’s cried, hugged and delighted in our every step to motherhood and beyond.
    One in a million, know you are loved.
    But most of all thank you xx

  3. Anna 02 July 2016 at 19:48 #

    Beautifully written. Just to say that those of you in this waiting season, who find themselves coming to the park during those chaotic times or lay on the floor chatting during another feeding session in the crazy early days. You are such a blessing to those friends. You’re not a distraction. You’re not in the way. You’re offering warmth, friendship, girly giggles and they are just wonderful. Thank you for not shying away from these friendships and embracing them. Changes and all.

  4. Catherine Green 06 July 2016 at 17:55 #

    I have a very precious friend who is waiting for her season of Motherhood. She has supported me through 2 pregnancies and babies, and now she watches my daughters grow up with me, delighting in shared shopping trips and expeditions when we are able to meet up. Friends like these are invaluable to young mums, especially on those days when we just need a break from the children, and to spend time with someone who can remember us before the season changed.

  5. Lisa 10 July 2016 at 18:53 #

    I know Katherine personally and she is a truly lovely, wonderful person and I’m glad I could share my children with you. You came and looked after me a new mum when I was on my own and scared. One day, it will be your season, and hopefully I will be allowed to share your newborn and have a cuddle. Lovely written blog Katherine.