Newbie Round-Up: Fresh Voice & oodles of talent

Newbies badgeJune has arrived, which means a mere few weeks until #BML16!  I don’t know about you, but I am really excited. It is always such a highlight of my blogging year. I will be watching with interest to see which our our Newbie bloggers takes the Fresh Voice award; good luck to  you all. If you haven’t read these blogs yet go and have a peek, Emma from Island Living 365, Stevie from A Cornish Mum, Laura from Threesypeasy, Jess from The Only Girl in The House and Katie from There We Go, all super talented ladies; I’m just glad I don’t have to decide!


On with my round-up, the first feature this month is the lovely Charlie from Mess and Merlot, I loved her post Why Body-Shamer can kiss my (squidgy) butt! where she shares her personal story around body issues and the wider pressures that society and the media puts on us all to have the ‘perfect’ body. Having a young daughter this is a topic I lose sleep over and I believe we all need to do what we can to challenge these perceived ideals.


Grace from Dear Freya shared her Mental Health & Motherhood story. I felt so proud of Grace for writing her story is such an open way. I don’t mean that to sound patronising, as I don’t know Grace, but as a Mum who has, and still does suffer from PND, I truly believe that sharing our stories helps other mums to realise they are not alone and hopefully it will also encourage them to seek help.  So thank you Grace.


My heart went out to Emma (Emma plus Three) when I read her post Grieving for a child I haven’t lost. Emma’s son has been diagnosed with Autism and she shared her thoughts on grieving for a life that he will never have. It must be so hard and I wish you all the very best for the future.


Taking a humorous turn now with 10 alternative milestone cards from Whinge, Whinge, Wine. I loved her idea of a new, and maybe more useful, set of milestone cards.  With gems like ‘Today I took my nappy off while everyone was asleep’ and ‘Today I did a poo so explosive it required a full outfit change’. We’ve all been there, right?! I think these should be put into production immediately!


The Inner Monologue Of *That* Conversation from Sarah over at Mumzilla made me weep with laughter. As you can imagine ‘that’ conversation was one about how babies are made and Sarah’s inner monologue was hysterical. I just hope there are MANY more years before I have to answer these sorts of questions.


My heart goes out to Nomipalony who hasn’t slept since 2011. I’m surprised she has the energy to tap the keys on her computer, but thankfully she does. She tells us all about it in her post Stop telling me about your great sleepers, a hilarious, if a little terrifying, account of her lack of sleep. Including her suggestions of what to say to people in a similar situation should you ever meet any. Little tip, don’t say, ‘Oh my kid slept through 12 hours straight from birth!’ I assure you it won’t go down well.


Finally, I wanted to share the post Make the most of life by Leila from Swanny. This post is a reflective look at an unexpected trip out with her little boy. So well written and I loved the glimpses into both Leila’s realisations and her little boy’s imagination. Such a lovely post.


I hope you all have a fantastic start to the summer holidays and I will be back again in July with more fabulous Newbie talent. Don’t forget, if you wish to submit a post for consideration, your blog needs to be 18 months old or less. Please email all submissions to

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