Learning a new skill for life #TennisForKids

tennis lessons for kids

Kids do fun tennis challenges, including hitting a ball to Annabel Croft (bottom)

We love it when our children pick up a new skill and all over the country, our nation’s children have been picking up a racquet and learning how to play tennis — for free!

The Lawn Tennis Association launched free #TennisForKids lessons several months ago and invited some BritMums bloggers to try out their lessons so they could lead the way and share with parents exactly what goes on when a youngster learns this new skill.

From throwing and volleying, to being part of a team and respecting the other players, youngsters have been absorbing these lessons and at the end of the course they even get to keep a free racquet! Here’s a few blog posts from the BritMums bloggers who have shared what they’ve been up to!

Getting them hooked at a young age

Nell from The Pigeon Pair and Me took her children Austin and Gwen to the courts and the whole family has become hooked on the sport!

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two’s girls have been picking up this new skill well and Laura thinks it’s key to teach them at a young age to embed the knowledge in! Read about their journey here.

John from Dad Blog UK took his daughter Helen along for a free course after she had been badgering him for lessons for months! Read how they got on at his post.

The Boy and Me is aiming to be a future tennis star and if off to a great start through his lessons.

The beauty of tennis

Charly from PODcast went to the tennis lessons with her daughter and captured some beautiful action shots! It’s lovely to see her child proudly showing her certificate of attendance and her new racquet!

Creating independent kids

Penny from Parentshaped asks if kids need to break the rules sometimes?


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This post is part of the #TennisForKids campaign with BritMums, sponsored by the Lawn Tennis Association in partnership with Highland Spring. Sign up now to be part of Great British Tennis Weekend, which will open up even more free courts for families across the UK in July.

Pictures: Jennifer Howze/Jenography.net

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