Health Round-up: When mental health is affected by trauma

Last month marked Mental Health Awareness month so I decided to approach a few of my fellow bloggers and brave friends and raise awareness on this sensitive subject through their own words and stories.

I will start with Abby, from Mother Under Measure, who a decade ago suffered a sexual assault about which she has courageously blogged on several occasions. The attack has left a shadow and deep imprint of Ally’s mental well-being, as it can be expected, and she writes honestly about the moment it lead to her having a mental breakdown, with all its scary aspects and difficult recovery.

Vicky Charles, writing at Single Mother Ahoy, expands upon the same subject and bares her soul out by detailing about her own mental breakdown, in the hope her honest writing will assist other women finding themselves on the same difficult path at some point in their lives.

Beth Bone, from the eponymous blog, makes us aware in a heartrending post of the possible dramatic consequences a mental breakdown can have postpartum while in the care of unskilled mental health professionals. We are thankful she ended up in the right care and made a full recovery and have admired her tireless efforts ever since to change the mental care system in support of other new mothers in need.

Finally, but with my full awe and respect, I would like to give a mention to Leigh, from Headspace Perspective. Just like myself, Leigh has lost a precious son and has suffered from PTSD as a consequence of the traumatic events that lead to Hugo’s death. Leigh, just like all the other wonderful bloggers mentioned above, recovered from the horror of traumatic event-induced mental illness and has been advocating for better mental care in the NHS ever since. In one of her latest blog posts, Leigh opens up, once again, about the harrowing journey to recovery and about the need for both patience and resilience on the arduous journey to recovery.

I feel proud to have met these ladies at BritMums Live last year. I take strength from their efforts and find great solace in their honest posts, as I hope you will too.

Mental illness is tough; mental illness when induced by trauma is even tougher! The harsh reality is that is can happen to anyone, it needs full awareness and everyone suffering from trauma certainly deserves all our love and support!

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Oana Papaconstantinou is a mum of 2 children who blogs at Mama's Haven on grief, travel, photography and reviews. Oana has had the life-altering experience of child loss, when Georgie, her 5 months baby boy died on leukaemia in July 2014. She has now made it her blog's mission to support people who have been equally affected by grief. Oana works from home in creative writing and social media support. She is on Twitter @MamasHaven and Instagram as mamashaven.

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