Adoption & Fostering Round-up: Contentment, tough choices & play

adoptionroundup1We have some great blogs in this round-up that are adoption and fostering orientated. If you ever feel you want to read more blogs on this subject The Adoption Social run a weekly Friday link up called Weekly Adoption Shout Out which is also crammed full of great blog posts. Here is my selection of the past months bests.

I was immediately transported to a muddy path beside a bubbling brook in this post. Beautiful descriptions and captivating words describe this family’s moments of contentment.

It was also great to read about a successful family holiday. Yes there were ups and downs but it sounds like a lot of good came from this family break.

This next post really spoke to me because we use a very similar form of discipline in our household. Rightly or wrongly it’s all about rights, privileges and video games .

Now for something that made me feel terribly sad on reading. This post about the important connections lost for fostered children, when they are separated from siblings.

 This next post also tells the tale of separating sibling and making tough choices which will hopefully be the best decision for all involved. My heart goes out to this family.

In this post I can just feel the physical, emotional and mental strain this parent is suffering in the face of such bewildering behaviour. We’ve all been there and are with you all the way.

Back on the brighter side of things, it is wonderful to hear of a successful visit by a birth family. This adult, formerly in care, was also surprised but delighted by the success of the day.

I was choked with emotion over this post describing the day big boy came home.

I remember being told about how important it was to play with my children, when I was first an adopter and it is so very true. So it is lovely to see a post here all about the importance of play.

And finally, thank you to Suddenly Mummy for a post which is both informative, highly thought provoking and left me feeling all stirred up about the plight of social care in the UK.

Thank you everyone for reading and we’ll see you again next month.  

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