Style round-up: April accessories

This month I’ve been a little bit obsessed with dressing up outfits. I’ve been looking for ways to update my current wardrobe and accessories can really help this to happen without breaking the bank. This month I’ve splurged on a high end change bag and also grabbed a few more baby friendly necklaces along the way.

I know some other bloggers have found some amazing accessories too… are a few….

I love a good bag review and Kate from Family Fever has got her hands on this gorgeous Cardinal one from Lin and Leo. Sometimes you just need a clutch to head out with and this is perfect. I can see this on my wish list for Summer Weddings and garden parties! A ping of colour is just what we need when the April skys are often a bit greyer than we would like!

This pastel necklace from Organic Mama features on Patricia’s blog White Camellias. I love the muted tones that are perfect for Spring and would look great against a one shade top. It looks great for teething or breastfeeding mamas too. It really feels great when you find the perfect necklace that won’t get broken by the kids!

change bag style round-upWhile I invested in the classic Jem & Bea Amber bag my friend Hannah checked out something a bit wonderful too. The Pink Lining name is one which is hugely popular and I am glad to see them moving away from their Yummy Mummy for something a bit more funky. The Wonder bag with it’s Zebra Crossing print really does stand out from the crowd.

Finally who doesn’t want a red pair of wellies! C’mon Summer may be around the corner (which one i’m not quite sure about). I love love love these ones on Anna’s ZeitMyGeist instagram feed.

Next month I’ll be focussing on what you all are wearing to BritMumsLive so don’t forget to tweet me your links over on instagram and twitter using the #BritMumsStyle to make sure I see….and lust…..

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