7 ways to use your blogging & social media skills

Erica Douglas

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Erica has been a parent blogger for almost ten years. She now runs her own marketing business for small businesses as well as an Edinburgh food website. Here she shares seven ways that bloggers can use their skills in activities outside of blogging. Over to Erica…

I started blogging ten years ago. That’s right, in June I will reach the big 1-0. It’s hard to believe really, and they do say time flies when you’re having fun – and boy have I had fun! I’ve been fortunate enough to be a ‘Toyologist’ (Toys R Us), a ‘Playologist’ (Playmobil) and a ‘Royal Mum’ (Royal Caribbean). Since writing my first blog post with my daughter beside me, just a few months old, I have invested hours upon hours of my time learning about blogging, social media and online marketing. My daughter is ten now and an expert in everything (aren’t all ten year olds?) As for me, they say you become an expert at something after ten thousand hours of practise and I’m pretty sure I must have exceeded that over the last ten years.

There’s no doubt blogging has changed my life and I’ve gone on to use my skills in many other ways. If you are anything like me, and many bloggers I have met are frighteningly similar, you too will have spent many hours developing the very same skills. Here are just a few ways I’ve used my skills, one or two might appeal to you too.

1. eBooks

This is one of the first ways I utilised my writing and online marketing skills. You can create an eBook on any topic you are knowledgeable about and distribute this for free via your blog or email newsletter. Or you can charge a fee for it and create yourself an income stream – back in the day I even sold mine on eBay!

2. eCourses

An eCourse is an online course on any topic. You can combine your blogging, podcasting and vlogging skills to create an engaging course on anything you know a lot about. My first eCourse was called ‘The Mum Blogger eCourse’ and over a thousand mum bloggers subscribed. It was the beginning of a successful online training business.

3. Books

With some blog posts running to a few thousand words, it’s great preparation for writing your first book. If you have blogged extensively on a topic you may find you have a lot of the material already and just need to pull it together. I found this when I co-wrote Blogging: The Essential Guide and Making Money Online

4. Market a skill you have

If you have a skill from a previous career you can use you website creation, blogging and social media skills to create a website and promote yourself as a freelancer or consultant.

5. Become a Social Media Executive/Assistant

There are lots of big businesses advertising for staff members dedicated to managing their social media. Despite not having a marketing degree your real life experience will be an asset to employers.

6. Speaking/Coaching

Many people want to learn about how to use social media effectively. You can teach people through speaking engagements or personal coaching.

7. Small Business Marketing

I have used my skills for all of the above over the last ten years. Most recently though I have dedicated myself to helping small local businesses market themselves. This has given me the perfect lifestyle working from home with flexible hours. It’s also very fulfilling to see small businesses grow as a result of your work. If this option appeals to you, you may be interested in some upcoming training I have planned.

So that’s my list of seven ways to use your blogging and social media skills, have you used them in another way?

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3 Responses to 7 ways to use your blogging & social media skills

  1. Abbie 04 March 2016 at 08:44 #

    Thanks Erica! This is a really useful post. I have been thinking about different ways of turning my blog into an income as well as using my 14 years of PR experience! Have thought about a few of the above so nice to have confirmation that it can be done. Congrats to you on your 10 years 😊

    • Erica Douglas 04 March 2016 at 15:18 #

      Hi Abbie,

      Thanks for the positive feedback! It can definitely be done, especially with that amount of experience. If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know. I’m on Facebook – Erica Douglas Marketing – would love to stay in tough 🙂



  2. Heather 23 March 2016 at 20:12 #

    Podcasting sounds a clever idea i have never thought about doing that, i do like writing is it still possible to make revenue from ebooks?