Now open! 2016 Brilliance in Blogging Awards #BiBs2016


BiBs Team Honk hurrah

A big hug after Team Honk wins a BiBs Inspire award.


Nominations for the 2016 BiBs (aka the Brilliance in Blogging Awards) are now open!

We can’t believe it — it’s been 7 years since we first launched the BiB Awards. They highlight the very best of parent lifestyle blogging, recognising the most creative, inventive and compelling blogging of the year. Last year more than 200,000 nominations and votes were cast – making it one of the UK’s most popular blogger awards.

This year we’ve shaken it up a bit. We’ve tweaked the categories plus created a few new ones that reflect how blogging and social media is evolving. We’ve included a Readers’ Choice Award to recognise your favourite blogger who defies categorisation! There will also be a BritMums’ Choice, selected by judges and the BritMums team, without a voting component. And the Outstanding BiB Award honour will go to one of the category finalists. (You can read more about the thinking behind it here, on the Categories page.)

BiBs 2016 nominations are open until 13th April at midnight. Don’t be shy — it’s time to blow your own horn and strut your stuff!

And to answer your big question: Yes, you can nominate yourself!

Here’s how it works:

2016 BiBs nomination formStage 1: Nominations: Bloggers nominate themselves or others in one (or several) of the 12 BiB categories (browse the categories now to see which you fit into). Nominations are open until 13th April at midnight. Drum up support by asking people to nominate you, tweeting #BiBs2016 and putting a badge on your site.

Stage 2: Shortlist: 10 people are chosen in each category to be included in the shortlist. This list is made up of the 5 with the most nominations and 5 chosen by BritMums. The shortlist will be announced on 29th April.

Stage 3: Voting: The community votes for their favorites on the shortlist from 29th April through midnight 18th May.

Stage 4: Finalists will be announced on 27th May. 5 finalists will chosen in each category (3 with the most votes and 2 chosen by BritMums).

Stage 5: Winners, chosen by the category judge, will be announced on the evening of 25th June 2015 at BritMums Live/#BML16. Everyone attending the conference is invited. All finalists are invited to attend the BiBs Awards Party and Ceremony, presented by the fabulous Carol Smillie, from 18.30 – 21.00. (Sorry, no guests or plus-ones.)

Tweet using #BiBs2016.

Nominate your blog or someone else’s now!

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6 Responses to Now open! 2016 Brilliance in Blogging Awards #BiBs2016

  1. @adadcalledspen 17 March 2016 at 20:18 #

    Huzzah! Love this time of year. ☺

  2. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill 18 March 2016 at 11:19 #

    I love this time of year too! This year will be the first time I haven’t put my blog forward for the BiBs but as I am now BritMums Editor, I’m out of the running!
    Good luck to everyone who enters and is nominated – I will be voting for my own favourites like everyone else, but I haven’t made my mind up who to choose yet so enjoy the process, read each other’s blogs and most of all have fun!


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