Instagram Round-up: The reality of ‘living online’

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Hello and welcome back to another Instagram round-up! These months are just flying by already aren’t they? So last month we talked about brilliant hashtags to join in with and how they can have a positive impact on engagement and followers, helping to grow your Instagram accounts. I would love to hear if any of you implemented these strategies and started using organised hashtags. Have you seen a positive outcome? 

This month I’ve read lots of interesting posts questioning the effect of social media on our lives. Kiran over at Mummy Says wrote a really interesting piece provoked by her three-year-old asking a question about social media. Her post explores the possible effects of living a digital life online and pondering if she could have coped with ‘living online’ as an impressionable teen. Definite food for thought. 

Morning cuddles. I'm off work today and spending a whole day with my babies. #hurrah

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Donna at What the Redhead Said wrote about the lives of the monochrome Instagram generation and asked if the trend has gone a little too far. She noted that some Instagram accounts were full of black and white and completely lacking in colour – even children’s bedrooms and bedding. I sincerely hope that it is just for show and nobody really lives like that! 

Instagram is by far my favourite form of social media and I really enjoyed Natalie from Plutonium Sox’s recent post declaring her love for Instagram. Do pop over for a read as Natalie shares some of her top Instagram tips after growing her account substantially over the past few months. 

On the other side of the coin Martyn from Inside Martyn’s Thoughts explains 7 reasons why he dislikes Instagram. I quite agree with all your points, Martyn! 

And finally, a post from one of my fav bloggers and Instagrammers, Natalie at Style me Sunday. I love Natalie’s mama style and the way she dresses her lovely kiddos. This candid account of the reality of an ‘Instamum’ after a brand shoot really made me laugh, it sounds exactly how my ‘insta-shoots’ go with my littlest. 

Check out the @alexandalexacom website and you'll see us featured. This @stella_kids dress is the bomb. ?

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As always, I am ending this round-up with 5 of my favourite Instagrammers, here are my top picks for February:

  • @stylemesunday in her own words: ‘East London Mama with a penchant for leopard print and red wine’ just my type of girl then!
  • @mrsanjolson for beautiful everyday photography of her family. I love Anj’s style which is immediately distinguishable and the sign of a top Instagrammer.
  • @onetinyleap Maria’s photographs are heavenly. If you like beautiful travel pics with a dose of inspiration this is the account for you.
  • @thedadnetwork I can’t get enough of the cuteness of Ted, he is so sweet. This is a great account to follow for snaps of parenting from a dad’s perspective.
  • @newyoungmum follow Alice for adventures, food, crafts and life. A really lovely gallery. 
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