How to increase your blogging priority to a higher level

fairy blog mother cropThere will be plenty of times when your life becomes so hectic your blogging priority takes a back seat. 

And while you cope with that crisis, and eventually overcome it, you’ll have found your blogging has been neglected.

Even though my children have flown the nest, I still have moments of overwhelm. (How to cope with this may be a subject for another post!) And I’ve found my poor blog has sunk to the deep, dark depths of the bottom of my to-do list. 

Low priority of blogging is not uncommon, even amongst the most avid of bloggers. The art is to recognise this, before anything can be done about it. 

So I’ve created a simple Slideshare presentation to show you what I mean:

(There was too much information here to put into an Infographic.)

Having the pressure of knowing you need to update your blog can be very demoralising. The answer is to take a step back, work out why you haven’t been able to blog recently, and see what you can do to alleviate the problem.

Not having enough time is usually the issue, but also a lack of incentive, loss of self-esteem, an empty ideas sheet and no focus or direction can be reasons why blogging has been pushed back into the shadows.

You need to sort out your other commitments as well as your blogging priority, but if you are to continue with this excellent pursuit, it is worth adjusting your life to accommodate it. This may mean putting into place some planned schedules, including an editorial content diary, to make it easier to see the bigger picture.

Get your blogging priority right in order to maintain your blog.

This quote was written over 200 years ago, but still resonates with the troubles most bloggers have to maintain their blogs.

And once you start to bring your blogging priority back into the upper level of your life, you will start to enjoy it once more. It’s a bit like going running: putting on those trainers and squinting at the weather outside should not be a barrier to getting out there and enjoying the fresh air.

I know that sometimes you blog away, only to hear the sounds of crickets. But don’t despair. Putting in place schedules and a proper focus will give you the drive to write on a consistent level, and with the support of your friends or a mentor, keep at it. Remember the more you write, the more likely you are to get more readers.

And another tip is to know what your readers want to read. This is the main key towards blogging priority success. Give your audience the blogging candy they crave, and this will result in sharing, commenting, referrals and much more. 

Get all this right, and your blogging priority anxieties will soon be a thing of the past. Let us know what you have done to overcome your blogging neglect, so others can benefit from your wisdom too.

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