5 reasons your blog should support a charity

Photo credit: Trevor Smeaton

Photo credit: Trevor Smeaton

Being a part of a charity’s campaigns can reap all kinds of benefits. This post from our friends at Marie Curie outlines why you might want to get involved with their or other causes.

From taking part in a fundraising event to donating some of your hard earned cash to simply signing up petition, there are plenty of ways to get involved with a charity. Aside from helping much-needed causes to do good in the world, involving yourself with charitable activities is mutually beneficial: good for the soul and a good cause.

Ever thought of using your blog for charitable work? As bloggers you have the power to spread the word, and many charities are now recognising the power and influence that bloggers can have in the support of their causes. Charities, such as Marie Curie, are calling on bloggers to help them gain exposure for their campaigns. But how will your blog benefit from getting behind a campaign?

Here are 5 reasons you should use your blog to do good today:

You can take a stance

By supporting a charity you are essentially taking a stance on an issue, supporting change, highlighting important issues, raising awareness or funds and telling stories. Readers love seeing your opinions shine through, so choose your charity wisely.

It allows you to become more visible

Charities themselves have huge reach, and with a collaborative post there is the potential to expose your blog to a huge variety of different readerships. A quality link with a charity will no doubt increase your site traffic, and allow you to share your ideas with a whole new group of socially engaged online users.

It builds your personal voice

By associating your blog with a charity, you are not only showing your support but communicating to your readers what your values are as a person. Take Marie Curie’s Daffodil appeal: Here you are not only supporting work which gives care to those with terminal illness, you are instilling family values. Essentially, the charities you support can reflect and contribute to your blog’s personal “voice”.

It shows your giving side

Whatever capacity in which you support a charity, the act of giving is without a doubt a likable trait. Readers like to see bloggers who have humanity, and those who are willing to commit to charitable causes immediately fit the bill.

It can make a change

Most of all, you can use your reach to do good. A blog post has the power to drive readers to action. It can be used to publicise an event or even just open the eyes of your readers to a whole new issue they weren’t aware of. You have the power to make a change, and a simple blog post can accomplish this.

How to get involved with a charity

Now you know how your blog will benefit from linking up with a charity, you might be asking how to get involved with one. There are so many charities, which will be all too happy for the exposure. Take the personal approach and contact them directly, telling them your intentions and the ways in which you can support their charity. This is all about collaboration: forming a meaningful relationship which you’ll both benefit from.

Perhaps you’d like to get involved with a specific campaign? Marie Curie’s annual Daffodil campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for those with terminal illness: giving care and support to the diagnosed and also their families.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit their website: www.mariecurie.org.uk/get-involved/daffodil-appeal

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  1. Emily Stone 20 October 2016 at 14:16 #

    I love this post, and I agree it is great to show your readers that you are actively involved in your community and care about local projects.